Woops I sent a dick pic

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  1. I'm drunk and I just sent a dick pic to this girl by accident. What do I do?????????!!!?????Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. Text her, "Are you horny now?"
  3. txt her DTF?
  4. Say it's a google pic 😂🍁 😙💨🍃🍂
  5. Say "You like what you see?"....if it's little,probably she'll laugh.
    "Whoops sorry, I was looking up dick pics and sent one to you on accident"
  7. You must sit there in your own remorse waiting for the inevitable consequences that will soon follow
  8. Be like "and this fag sent me this Shit (picture)"Who Dat!
  9. Follow up message "oops my bad for someone else"Who Dat!
  10. "Oops I meant to send that to someone else"
  11. Im sure if you sent her a picture of your dick that its "NO BIG DEAL" :laughing:
  12. "woops sorry that was supposed to go to Deonesha"
  13. I wouldnt say shit and blame it on alcohol the next day...thats my go to for all fuck ups
  14. I feel for ya bro. I always keep a few spare dick pics around just in case. Once in a while I just click the wrong button, bing...there it goes. Sent away to my friends, boss, classmates. Damn computers.
    did morpheus see your wang?
  16. [quote name="Sand box" post="19407184" timestamp="1390704638"]"Whoops sorry, I was looking up dick pics and sent one to you on accident"Gayzoned[/quote] lmfao 😂😂🍁 😙💨🍃🍂
  17. Why do you have pictures of dicks on your phone?
    It happens.
    Do you really want to know?
  20. How do you accidently take a picture of your dick?

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