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Wooow check out this bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kenji12349, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Check out how orange the bud is on the left, I just bought an oz of the bud on the left covered in trichs and super dense and fresh

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  2. How much did you pay for that? looks amazing..
  3. That bud looks spicy!
  4. Damn bro, that shit looks amazing, how much is that?
  5. OP passed out.
  6. i paid $250 an oz, steep where i am from but i say its worth it, Im in toronto ontario canada
  7. Canada has awesome buds and I'm coming from SoCal :) Fuck money man if you have your priorities strait and can spare the bills for extra dank, I always say do it!

  8. So you have alot more of that orange?
  9. Id smoke that shit "__"
  10. yes i do 26 grams more lol :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:

  11. Please let me soak my eyes on a picture of all that :smoke:
  12. i love exotic buds..hard to put them in the grinder tho :(
  13. Wow that looks like some high quality bud definately worth 250
  14. Different lighting same stuff

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  15. 480 an oz over here... Maybe I have bad dealers lol.

  16. Very bad.

  17. Or your getting ripped the fuck off :p

  18. 20 a g
    60 an eighth
    120 a fourth
    240 a half
    480 an oz

    Lol I live in a random ass suburb in Missouri, that's what everyone out here pays unless they know someone in Cali
  19. That pricing makes no sense.. the price is supposed to go down as the amount goes up.

    You're getting ripped off SOO bad dude..

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