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woooopsss:-\..need help quickly!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by master buddah, May 26, 2009.

  1. hey every one..i figured id ask some of you more experienced people who probaly ahve more knowledge then me.
    so the other day basicaly my mom found my stash and told me if im to continue living in her house i need to attend a program, i know its a joke for marijuana but if i dont go im shit out of luck for a place to stay any ways...
    i get tested weekly now and i just cant last i dont want my results to come up positive but im still dying to smoke of course i wouldnt care normaly but my parents are very strict and are asking for the results since they are the ones paying for the program. i was wondering if any of you guys had some test passing tips to give me so this way i can get away with it
    thanks a bunch :D
  2. The best tip I can give you to pass a DT is 100% guaranteed......

    Don't smoke until the program is done or you move out. Whichever comes first.
  3. i know thats looking like my only option lol
    ive heard of some drinks to take or something but the place i go sends my sample to a lab and they test for every thing in the book, they told me they can tell if i tried to clean my system out
  4. As stated above, the only way to be 100% sure is to not smoke. Even if you dilute it, use a drink/pills or whatever, you could still potentially test positive. Happened to a friend of mine while he was on probation, and he almost got SERIOUSLY fucked over.
  5. yeah i know i think im just gunna try to stick it out for 6 im expecting the first smoke after this time to be freakin AMAZING lol
    btw my mom is also a cancer survivor bungles
  6. Try talking to her about it's medical benifits then. If she went through chemotherapy, it probably would have done wonders for her.
  7. she did have that ive talked to her about it she said that if it was actualy legal she wouldnt be opposed to its medicinal use so long as its supervised by a doctor
  8. my parents did the same to me,
    only i lucked out and it was a shitty saliva test that i just brushed my gums real good and garggled some mouth wash and I passed everytime.
    if you're really dying that bad, buy some detox kits every once and a while and take it right after you smoke.
  9. Post this in apprentice tokers, that forum is for seasoned tokers to help answer questions.
  10. as stated in here a couple times man, the only way to be positive your going to pass is if you stop. i had to do it for 6 months also, its really not that bad. your parents are obviously set on making you stop, its not cause they wanna be dicks or anything, they just care about you enough, and have such a terrable reefer madness view to marijuana. try to find the movie "The Union: The buissness Behind Getting High" its got LOADS of facts and interviews with PhD holders, scientists, and college professors all in favor or marijuana and pretty much debunking every prohibiton reason (gateway effect, cancer, health risks, brain damage.. etc.)

    if, after that, they are still against you smoking, then just stop and man it out for a half year. trust me man, having your parents lose trust in you and thinking your a disappointment and having them worry every night if your going to succeed in the world is MUCH worse than a 6 month forced t break. and like you said, when its up, that smoke is going to be AMAZING (trust me...)
  11. ive watched that movie a few times actualy is very good i also made my mom watch a national geographic special on marijuana...eveyr time i amke her watch something or tell her facts all she say is ur fixed on it and ur obssesed but rly im just trying to make her realize the truth lol

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