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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by an0nym0us, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. I Found 11 Seeds In My Sisters Trash Can Sweet

    any ideas on how to make em fire ?
  2. plant them

  3. and then water them about every three days and but a good lite above them
    and look for this on GC with alot of links on his sig and click one i forget his name hes got a lot of good links ssry i cant give a name
  4. why were you going through your sisters trashcan? looking for used tampons? sick bastard
  5. Sorry I dont Have N-E Money For Seeds

    as far as my dad hes asleep !!

    why dont you just give the seeds outta ur trash ...
  6. theres lots of methods for germinating just make sure that the seeds that you have aren't broken or white because if they are they wont germinate I would do the paper towel method. Just lay the seeds on a piece of towel and put 2 or 3 more layers on top then wet it not to where its dripping wet and put it in a glass jar and close the lid to seal the moisture check back in a few days and plant the ones that have a taproot comin out
  7. lol i just planted 2 white seeds last night lol i thought they were merminated :))

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