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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WrathofAmon, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. smoking off my first batch of qwiso and so far feeling good.

    i'll post some pics in a bit.
  2. Mission accomplished, good job
  3. ok, well i cant tell if you being sarcastic or not, but anyway after sabing up a quarter of stems over months i was very anxious about smoking it
  4. i got blue cheese and i just hit a huge bowl of it :D i'm so stoned right now
  5. lol, nope that was genuine and I look forward to the pics!
  6. Right on, dude, enjoy that shit.
  7. i was out on my front porch smoking it, and i could feel gravity holding my body down on the bench.

    it crumbled a bit when i scraped it off the head of my press

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  8. haha damnnnn xD wanna share some of that?

  9. British Standard!
  10. [quote name='"drakeofclubs"']haha damnnnn xD wanna share some of that?[/quote]

    hahaha yeah, just let me mail it to you. i was a little let down by the weight thougj
    h. i expected to get .3-.5, but still not bad for my first batch

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