Wooo!!! My Comic Got Featured On loldrugs.com!!!!

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    LOLdrugs | because laughter is the best high

    Itll keep moving backwards on pages but my comic got featured on the site :)! Im excited that they actually used my comic I made and I came up with. No copying or stealing!

    Here is the comic and u can see it on the site as well!
    Uk its me cause u can see the follow me on twitter @kanyeknievel


  2. I like the end result. :D
  3. pretty funny but whyd the one dude go from black to white ???is he the reincarnated Michale Jackson or sum-ting? lol...

  4. i cant draw stick figures especially with my macbook lol work wit me on this, im no professional or cyanide and happiness type of comic dude
  5. hahaha that's awesome, great little comic.

    Just curious to you get anything from them for your comic? t-shirt at least?
  6. hahahaha thats pretty sweet man, and pretty accurate to some situations ive fuckin seen before lol

  7. hahah thanks. Um No I sent them it and I said I don't care if you feature my comic just put Folllow me on twitter @kanyeknievel and ill be happy.

    I wonder if they usually do give people stuff otherwise?
  8. Tried to get another one of my things featured on the site...

    Why weed is bad for you...
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pI0krQmpKas&lc=UUzugJX3bz4YsC9uJM0j86EDYGwVdRvMCkL3Ikr3XyM&feature=inbox]The Reason WEED Is bad for you - YouTube[/ame]

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