Discussion in 'General' started by imc00lerthanu, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. im psyced right now
    chillen out to clubland 14, as 1-13 is torrenting : ]
    and im talking to this girl that makes me smile.
    so i could fly right now
  2. yea she makes me smile, too dude

  3. haha. thanks
  4. I dare you to test that out.

  5. test what out?
  6. Let it go bro, this thread is more pointless than whatever my mom was yelling at me about 20 mins ago.
  7. haha you said test WHAT out! hahaha:smoking::smoking:
  8. wouldn't it be 1-13 ARE torrenting.

    Are they being turned into torrents or are you downloading torrents?

    Pussy makes men do stupid shit.
  9. dont really care about the grammer.
    i was just in a good mood and wanted to tell everyone.
    so what if it's pointless? thats what the city is about
  10. yeah that is what the city's about!! Never mind um! Clubland is shit hot some class tunes on it! (",)

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