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woohoo I finally did it

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Crystal74, May 13, 2011.

  1. I am legal :hello: now to find out where to buy in my area.
  2. Grats! I'm still waiting for my card to come in the mail. *sigh* so close...
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    So where are you, hon? We can't tell you where to find your meds, unless we know where you are!

    Lion, I am SO glad I live in California where the laws are saner! We walk in to the doc's with cash, ID and med records, and walk out poorer, but legal!


  4. shouldn't be too long. they eliminated the backlog and have been issuing cards reasonably fast. mine took 3 weeks from the date i sent my app, and only 2 weeks for a friend of mine in Denver :hello:
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    God damn that's fast here in michigan we have a 5-6 month backlog I have a feeling by the time I get my actual plastic it'll be time to renew

  8. Thank you for the links.. I have tried all those, and everything in Modesto Ca is delivery or so it seems. I found one in James Town Ca which is about 45 minutes away maybe 30ish.. There are two in Stockton which is 45 min away. Which I will check out at some point. BUT with my Ford F 250 I think it may just be cheaper to have the delivery bring it lol. For some odd reason my husband is a bit freaked out by someone bringing it here.. which I can't imagine they are going to pull up in a car branded with THC delivery. Exct.. LOL

  9. That's good to hear. Also, I just found out after a certain amount of time (35 days I believe) you can use your copies of your paperwork as a temporary card. That made me feel a little better haha =]

  10. If I were you Iwould go to sac for the 20+ clubs we have go on a day like Saturday when they most do buy 1/8 get 1 free. Makes your gas well worth it. And no offense to the delivery guys haven't tried them yet but they all seem to have higher prices then club... delivery charge too?

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