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  1. I went to the shop and i was looking a round lalalalala and there wasnt any florescent lights! so i was like shit! and then i was looking some more lalalalalallalaall and CABAAM!!!!!!! i saw lights, not sure if they are florescent or not but they said they were specially designed for indoor growing. The bulb kind of looked blue and i remember woody posting something about blue bulbs (kinda of sounds weird). BUT back to that super important question!

    WILL IT WORK!?!?!!? O yah they are 70 watts and i am going to buy 2 . This is all for 1 plant.!!!
  2. Well what does the light look like, could it fit in a socket or is it a tube? Does it say Gro N Sho on it and have blue paint on it?
  3. it looks like paint or just the color of the glass ( blue that is), it is just a normal like bulb not like a cirble but like big on the top and skinny going down like a mushroom.
  4. It sounds to me like an incandescent bulb...these type of bulbs won't work for very long. You'd be better off getting some flouros...check out my sticky post in the General Growing forum...under HID Lighting take a look at Intro to Indoor Lighting, this should help you out.
  5. I dont know about that, it looks like a halogen disguised as a grow light. Besides it uses 150Watts your not going to get much bang for your buck as far as wattage versus lumens. I would seriously think about flouros or HPS

    Good luck
  6. Jus go buy ya some 4' flourescent tunes in the hardware department of anywhere, shop lights genreally cost around $10 and bulbs are a buck or two each, and come in various spectrums. Get a cool white and a warm and put one in each fixture, get 2 or more shoplights and surround your plant. toss a CF spiral on top in one of those clamp light fixtures, just clam it to a cahin or rope and hang it from above. For about $35 i got all the lights i need to grow a plant and my girl is doing pretty good under just flouros.

    Get a HPS if you can, but if heat or cost is a problem go with flouros. I like flouros cause they run cool, no heat problems, and they won't burn your plants(the CF might if it touches it but i keep it a few inches from the grow tip and my plant does good. Your plants can touch the flourescent tubes with no problem, so you can really get the light right up on the plant

    Stand the tubes up vertically, and get the green of your plant so it catches light from the middle of the tube, this is where the "best" light comes from.

    Hope this helps, it seems to be working for me.


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