woody appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Rooster, Jan 24, 2003.

  1. your plants are all beautiful, and you have given me the inspiration i need to grow :D
  2. yea woody that picture of you holing those enormus sacks brought a smile to my face
  3. yea, it made me very happy, and at the same time made me sad from jealousy
  4. Woody, the pictures of your crops give me a woody.
  5. I'm one month into my first grow. I am really enjoying my little green girls (N.L.). In the past month I have searched the web for 'grow' info. I have visited other MJ forums and newsgroups. GrassCity and it's members are by far the smartest growers. Woody is an inspiration! He never talks 'down' to anyone and he is always postive. The time you take to help with tips and photos not only helps those that reply to you but to many lurkers that are too shy to post.
    I would like to say "Thanks!" from me and all the grateful lurkers. plantManager, Canada

  6. Welcome to the city!
  7. If is wasnt for woody and his pics a bunch of us wouldnt continue growing. But since he shows us all proof that, the patients and dedication actually pays off (so crime does pay ;P) we continue growing. Thxs and much love too you WOODY
  8. yea bro, keep up the good work, and by the way whens the next bach of pics dew in...?

  9. Thanx Star :O)
  10. congrads man!!!
  11. yes woody, thank you in general for the constant support.
    i think i might need your advising next fall!
  12. Woody is the man!
  13. Well been lookin around grass city for quite some time now, and this is my first post ever. But glad its goin to be a shout out for woody.. You grows are the Shit man.

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