Woodworking question for plywood cab

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by weedtime, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. I suppose I will make a wood cab so that it blends in with the stuff in my room. The exhaust must not be seen. It must look like a normal piece of crap in the corner.

    I need a 2x2x3 or a 2x2x4 for a MH and HPS light? 150watt. 2 Plants.

    Would I then make my cuts of wood at 24inx24inx36in? I am confused on how to cut my wood. Ill be using a handsaw to, I cant afford a circular saw.

    Can someone help me build me cab please? :D
  2. you will loose 2 times the thickness of wood so if you cut 24x24 and its 3/4" plywood your inside will be 22 1\2 "...... for 24" inside the box depending on what you use for corners and how you join it you will need 26 1\2 to get 24" inside if 3/4 inch material

    hope it helped
  3. If your making it that small of cab you might wana try CFL's. My cab is 2x3x4 check it out in my sig. You may wana invest in a cheap power saw or find someone who has one. Makes it a lot easier.

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