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  1. okay, i am going to grow in the woods soon. its a little walk from my home, can i bring like a gallon of water and hide it near the grow site? also, what can i put on my plant to make bugs not eat it? i don't want harsh chemicals though. any home remidys for it?
  2. Yeah, you can stash your water jug, you may want to consider buying a can of spray paint to camo it, brown or green. For the bugs, you can pick up a bottle of neem oil at your local garden center, it's organic and will not hurt you or your plants.

  3. thanks! also, how should i bring the plant to the area? i am growing it inside to get started...
  4. Well dont let your plant grow too big just yet then!

    Grab an identically sized pot to the one your plant is sitting in, then put it on top of your pot but upside down so your plant is safely inside 2nd pot, now ductape them together and now you can sit your pot-pot in your backpack =]

    If using cups and multiple sprouts, ductape the finished cups together as well so they dont bounce around your bag..

  5. Thanks! +rep for you!
  6. If i was you id do what the guy on top said except do it at night like a ninja movie or early in the morning.

  7. "like a ninja" ahaa okay. i live with my parents so i might just do it when they arn't home and then just bike like i was riding the trail...
  8. Durning the week, lunch time is best. Traffic is low and you can do it in less traffic. The odds are during the week, any one pssing by will see a guy walkinginto the woods carrying a bad, but rearely will someone report a person walking into the woods.

    The weekends are different, there will be more traffic. People don't have to be somewhere or are not on a schedule or lunch break. It's possible no one will notice anything about a guy walking in to the woods.

    There are two main concerns with growing in the woods. One. If a cop sees you walking into the woods carrying a pack as suspicious. And two, the people who are already in the woods and stumble across you unloading you gear.
  9. yeah ^, what i think i will do is do it around 2pm on Monday with a backpack so people think i just got out of school, and its a biking trail so it won't look that weird. i'll bike from my house, its like 3 minutes away to my spot.
  10. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to plant anything along a biking trail ^_^

  11. Its more of a quading trail that is never used anymore. It was made like 10years ago!
  12. I think I'm planted closer to the street than I am too the trail. The view is obscured and I feel good about it. The forest will fill in and I will be well hidden. I don't see how anyone would ever find the spot without GPS. Once you get off trail a ways, the waist high sticker bushes are in the way.

    Getting a cheap hand held GPS is a good idea you can find better areas that are out of view. and you'll be able to find the plants easy. The way the woods look today is not how they'll look in 3 months. I got my etrex on ebay with the data cord for 61 and shipping. New ones are around 80 bucks for the basic yellow model. I've had mine for years and have close to 30 State Capitols marked.

  13. Glad i could help.

    Im also planning on growing just off a well used track. My spot is about 200 meters from the track and about 200 meters from houses... There is a natural clearing in the trees (rock as the floor in most parts) so there is plenty of sunlight... XD

    But the bush is so dense and not walked on due to it descending steeply for 30 meters or so at first, and the thick shrubs/Spiky plants... Making it an ideal growing location.. :D

    I even saw a kangaroo jumping around nearby haha!.. Telltale sign that that there isn't anyone around..

  14. Great idea! +rep for you! I have two dozen cups that should be sprouting soon, and I was wondering how I was going to transport them.
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    stop worring about it...pick a quiet time...dont leave your car sitting there..have someone you totally trust to drive you. ( my wife drives me around). have everything ready ..stop drop and go. dont go back just to admire. if you need to feed / water ect. keep your visits to a minimum. last but most important find a place where the natural cover hides your grow. I have been ripped off big a couple of times. these simple thing will help but remember its not the cops that are your problem... there are way more ripoffs out there than cops.
  16. I am also growing off of a bike trail,(hope i dont bump into you out there)this will be my third grow in there and i believe it is a good spot because the mountain bikers would not dream about leaving there 1000 dollar bike behind to look in the woods for plants.usualy there just flying by.
  17. Does anybody know anything about growing near pine trees? I know the needles breakdown and make the soil rich in a nuitrient but will this be too much ?
  18. The levels of pH in pinewood is low, meaning it is acidic. Cannabis does not like acidic soil. You should consider changing the soil to something neutral or add calcium carbonate (or something else that will increase pH), if you are planning on growing there.

  19. Help! okay, the soil i am growing at is verrrry dry. what should i do?
  20. A few yards from your plant dig a small hole 1 foot deep and see how dry it is. That will tell you how dry is really is. The top of the soil gets baked, but the lower soil can stay moist. If you waterproof the hole water in the hole won't leak out, you can store water there. Add a solar or battery powered fountain pump and you can run tubing to feed your plant.

    Your best bet is to store water. But what you need is some rain.

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