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  1. Hi there!
    I just arrived on this forum (that looks very nice btw) and I need your advice. I would like to buy a wooden pipe. It looks like lots of people are not found of the taste it gives to weed but I want to try anyway. I smoked quite a lot of joints (weed and haschich) and I want to try something new!

    And here is why I need you : I don't know what to buy.
    I'm interested in this beautiful The Raw wooden pipe. It looks very nice to me and doesn't look too hard to clean (because of the 2 different parts). But I may be completely wrong. And is the wood good? Is it good to use it once a month with friends?

    Or I could take a completely different one like this very long pipe. Will it be better with this size? Is it good quality wood?

    Or this one. It looks similar but a bit smaller.

    Which one looks best for you? Thanks a lot for your help!
  2. Just go with the raw, they are way more trustworthy.
  3. Thanks. I had that feeling. The 2 others look quite cheap and I think the price speaks for itself here!
    I think I'll go for the Raw.
  4. I second getting the Raw pipe. The other two would be a bitch and a half to clean.

    Pretty much my only issue with wooden pipes is that they're hard to clean. They taste fine to me. And it's kinda fun to whittle makeshift ones :smoke:
  5. Thanks! I ordered the raw pipe yesterday and will get it in a few days.

    I think it will be fine for the taste but I saw on the raw website that it was possible to put honey at the beginning... sounds a bit strange to me. Do you need to put honey and with the weed? And is it a good idea?

  6. I hear a little honey slows down the burn (so that you can sit down and puff on it like tobacco), but I've never personally tried it. I bet it wouldn't taste half bad. Whether it's a good idea is beyond me though.

    On a side note, recently ordered a pipe myself. Dunno how long the wait will be, but let us know how yours turns out when you get it :biggrin:
  7. I have tried the honey on joint thing when i was younger. A bunch of my Jamaican friends swore by it, its not for me tho. The taste isnt all that noticeable but i cant imagine it being good for the lungs. It honesty doesn't make that big of a difference as far as burn speed goes not enough to make it worth the health hazard tho imo of course. If its that serious double wrap or spliff it.

    Best of luck op

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  8. I'll try it with friends at the end of March (to celebrate the end of the term) and will tell you if this pipe is worth it!

    We'll see if we try with a little bit of honey but it doesn't look so good...

    Well thank you for you advice!

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  9. Used it a few times. Nice pipe. Loved smoke weed only.
    Ready in 2 sec, very easy to clean as you can separate the main 2 pieces.
    Loved the taste and the high
    I definitely recommend this raw pipe!

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  10. As far as a large wooden tobacco pipe goes, look for an insert for the bowl. What I mean is, you might get a brass or aluminum bowl and see if it fits. I did that many years ago when the wooden pipe I had was just to fucking bid to smoke a bowl in. I mean, if you want to pack an eighth in that pipe go for it, but a single bowl was rediculous and Unwieldy. So I slipped the brass bowl off of the old brass pipe I had. I used foil as a spacer and wedged it in. It worked great!

    You might get a glass bowl from a bong to fit in there depending on the tobacco pipe you have. Just take the tobacco pipe with you when you are looking for a bowl to use as an insert. You could even say you are using it for tobacco and that you find the bowl to be to big lol. A little aluminum as a spacer to wedge it in there and you are good to go. If you use a thin strip of aluminum foil as a spacer it stays hidden and it is easy to remove the bowl by pushing the spacer deeper into the pipe with a paper clip. It slides off of the metal or glass bowl insert. Then the metal bowl or glass bowl falls right out.

    You won't have all of that funky taste, smell and what not. It's far easier to clean. The pipe looks and smells better longer. It is way way waaaaay easier to smoke out of too. You won't feel like you are jamming your entire lighter into the depths of hell to get a little tiny bowl lit. Only to have it go out over and over again.

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