Wooden Pipe Mk.ii

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    So last summer I made my own pipe when I really wanted to toke but didn't have a piece. Stoner ingenuity FTW! :smoke:   This past Sunday, I decided to make him a big bro. This is what I came up with:
    I used a drill press for the holes and a band saw to cut out the rough shape. I then used some carving knives to smooth it out and get the shape I wanted. And then sanded it all down till it was baby smooth.
    The bowl hasn't been seasoned or anything yet. Still waiting to pick up unfortunately :/ I rubbed olive oil all over it to give it some color and protect it from water if it's rainy or whatever. What do you guys think?
    Edit: Here's the link to the older one if anyone's interested

  2. Damn dude that's awesome! I've tried my hand at pipe making, and mine don't turn out that bad, but you sir are amazing. What kind of wood is that?
  3. Hey thanks man! :smoke: Got any pics of yours? I'd love to see other homemades. The wood is Basswood. I got a nice block of it at a craft store near me for 10 bucks or something. Pretty good investment considering I used it for two pipes!
  4. Broke it in last night. It hits great! I hadn't smoked for like three weeks so I was pretty fried after a bowl.

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