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  1. I'm making a wooden pipe but my plan is to make it in two parts. How do I connect them. Don't want to use glue bc of chemicals, but want it airtight. Could I use pegs? But then that wouldn't be airtight. Shit
  2. Use wood glue... It's non toxic. How do you think people glue together wooden cutting boards? Unless you light your pipe on fire and inhale the smoke you'll be safe. I've made several wood pipes. Make sure you keep the glue to minimum a little goes a long way. Don't use super glue or crazy glue.
  3. Ick...don't use glue goto your localHS and buy a glass bowl
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  4. You cannot make it stick without glue. Invest in a ready made pipe maybe ?
  5. If you design the pipe right and use the glue properly no surfaces that touch the smoke, heat, or your lips will contact the glue.

    Telling op to go buy a glass piece sort of defeats the point of the thread in the first place.
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  7. I wouldn't use any glue on any part of it, personally. Wooden pipes tend to get very very hot throughout their entire length, in my experience.
    At first that confused me, since metal is obviously much more conductive than wood and generally gets hot easier. Then I realized that although it gets hot easier...this means it also gets cold easier. Those few seconds in between hits are enough for a metal or a glass pipe to lose most of the heat, but a wooden one retains a lot of it each time you light it. By the end of a bowl, I usually can't even put a wooden pipe in my pocket for a good 5-10 minutes. 
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    NO NO NO~!~!~! NO GLUE~!

    I actually just started a thread about my Briar pipe. If you want to carve your own, you can buy a kit online for very little that comes with a stem. The Vulacnite (hard plastic) stem connects to the bowl like male / female pieces, no glue needed :) Briar pipes are classic, and fit my personality a lot better than my sparkly glass pieces.
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    Not to be mean, but I can't believe how much misinformation is in this thread. "You cannot make it stick without glue." No, Google Tenon and Mortise Pipe images. Wooden pipes actually stay cooler than either glass or metal, if you make sure the walls are nice and thick (quarter inch or so all around). The only problem with wooden pipes is they tend to get damp on the bottom after a few bowls and so most pipe smokers have several wooden pipes they rotate to allow them to dry in between.
    Either that, or just get a small block of briar and carve / drill it all yourself out of one piece, no glue needed there either, although it will clog pretty quickly.

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