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  1. im about to make a wooden piece. are there any particular types of wood i should stay away from/ any wood i should look for? i have a piece thats made from cedar and when i go for resin hits i feel like im smoking a small amount of the cedar. maybe im just imagining it but id like to find a wood that maybe burns at a higher temp. anyone have any ideas? or any ideas for an easy to make piece that isnt an apple and doesnt use plastic or tin foil?
  2. Use the search funtion. Someone already made a pretty cool wood pipe and he talks about wood types in the thread.
  3. avoid softwoods and wood with alot of resin such as pine, and especially avoid treated wood. Hardwoods work best, cherry, maple, oak to name a few. once u treat the wood it wont burn unless u pack alot in and dont let it cool down. to treat it simple get the bowl wet and then burn it with a lighter and repeat.
  4. briar is the best type of wood for wooden pipes but good luck finding it.

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