Wooden Matches v.s Lighter

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  1. I already ordered some hemp wick but this is for those of us that can't get it or just for curiosity i guess lol. 
    First of all if you're tasting the phosphorous from the match or not getting it to light properly, learn to light it correctly. Wait for the head to burn off before you even put it near your joint and hold the match down so it catches the wood and that stays light when the head burns out. 
    I like cigars and to light cigars you use a wooden match to conserve the flavor of the cigar, its been proven to taste alot better and leave alot less taste behind than the butane from lighters except for the torch lighters which supposedly burn the butane before it gets to the cigar. I've tried it and I'm pretty sure wooden matches conserve the flavor of your weed better than a bic lighter but i havent tried comparing with a torch yet. The thing is though cigars by nature have an earthy and woody taste which is why they're aged in cedar so I'm not concerned about the phosphorous as much as the wooden smell from the matches, i think i've noticed it leaves a bit of a woody taste on joints.
    Anyone know for sure if the wood leaves behind any smell? Any other thoughts on this? 
    This is for taste only not convenience.

  2. Matches are superior in the right environment. When I light a blunt at home, I'll always use a matchstick because it tastes better and makes me feel like a total badass.
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    I definitely agree. I actually used matches for the first time today and i personally like it alot. The taste is better and I just enjoy the act of lighting a match when chilling. Not too bad on bowls when your inside either, just let the phosphorus burn off.
    But BIC's for convenience. 
  4. Matches are ancient, save and sustainable method of ignition.
  5. I used a match (from a box, not the shitty books) when my lighter ran out of fuel a while back. The hit felt a lot cleaner, and now I can kind of taste the butane when I use a lighter. I still use lighters for convenience sometimes, i.e. when I'm not at home. But at home it's matches every time.
  6. Matches are great for blunts/joints in an indoor environment with no wind or anything to get in the way. Having to light a new match each time you want to take a bong rip kinda sucks, and if you're outside and its windy and your matches aren't staying lit, that also sucks. Lighters win for convenience. I know some people who light their weed with a soldering iron (without the solder in it, obviously), so its just heat directly igniting the weed, rather than having to burn any secondary fuel, and they say that's the best. Haven't tried it myself though. 
  7. matches are kinda gross when hitting a pipe imo. i can taste the phosphorous and it makes the smoke a teeny bit harsher
  8. The only problem with matches is when your friends proceed to waste all of them just to look at the flame.
  9. i like to use matches the non safety ones and light em on my zipper like a kid..... and then smoke a bong

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