wooded area with lowryder...HELP!!!

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  1. hey fellow growers, this is my first time growing and i have been researching alot about growing. i have a couple of questions to make sure my grow will go as planned. i am unsure if i should plant the plans in large pots and place them in the woods somewhere with adequate sunlight or should i plant them straight into the ground. i am not realy trying to grow alot of weed just enough so that i can smoke my own stuff the whole summer. when should i strt the grow, and where can i buy the seeds i am nervous about the sites and only want about 4 plants.
  2. In my experiences, Lowryder doesn't seem to tolerate heat very well. I would definately make sure the area you pick is shaded from the afternoon sun. Putting them in the ground would be a better choice for stealth, especially if they can be placed in or around berry bushes, etc. There are plenty of legit seedbanks, check out the seedbank forum and shop around. Good luck!!
  3. ummm what strain do u think would be good n not easily messed up...how would they fair with dear around???im sorry i just want everything to work out
  4. I wouldn't be worry about deer so much as slugs are going to be one of your main problems especially with your low rider. I'm going to be trying some hawiian snow this next season I herd they get huge and are exstreamly DANK!
  5. i still dnt kno which strain to use...i live in PA and plan on planting in early may...
  6. Bump because I'm interested.

    Also a PA resident looking to do a small outdoor LR grow.
  7. I grew some white dwarf and it was great....very short plants, easy to grow and very good smoke considering they are done 60 days after sprouting...Also red dwarf is another one from the same seed company...check attitude seeds, they've always come thru with good seeds for me...
  8. thanx budacious...do u think i should plant them in pots n then put them in the woods or just plant them in the soil???im thinking about getting both red dwarf and white dwarf.
  9. i would start put them in solo cups but after that put them strait into the ground it gives you less of a chance in damaging them
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    i guess its all relative on how much u smoke but 4 unfemmed low ryder wont get you too much and low ryder 2 is like the overachieving brother of low ryder lol tastes AMAZING better yeilds and much better resin production

    for instance i planted 10 low ryder got 5 females and ended up with a measely 2oz i also had heat stress along with shitty soil but theyr not rly heavy yeilders...

    but this is why i grow lowryder 2 at home well #1 because i dont have a closet door so i wont need to worry about light leaks

    next i use 3 gallon grow bags and put 2 seedlings in each one and kill the males and even them all out...you can sex on week 2 day 13 if u have good eyes lol

    the dwarfs are great too! sry i didnt c u changed strains

    then i stagger them and every 2 weeks i put 6 more hoping for 3 females and 2 months later you harvest every time u put in seeds...then leave a male sometime and polinate some so ur not wasting loot on seeds and repeat

    but my plans for my outdoor grow well the low ryder part of my outdoor grow i live near a HUGE south east facing cliff with little patches of trees on tiny little cliffs going up it so im going to get to those very difficult to get to cliffs and pack as much of the best soil i can on them and cover them with seeds staggering the cliffs not individual plants go through at week 3 take out all the males and i should end up with a lot of mini colas lol

    from my experience with low ryder 2 do not attempt to train them, do not start in a small container start them in the container or place u plan to keep them, do not over feed and especially dont overwater

    they are surprisingly hearty little plants

    as far as pots u could either use grow bags 5 gallon buckets or as u said dig them holes which would all give u the same thing u might as well just dig a 5 gallon hole or a 1.5x1.5 trench just for the extra water accessability and the extra money so u can afford all your protective needs lol im gopign to be on a cliff so my only real concern is bugs but my last grow i grew in a deer sanctuary and i had to litteraly block everything off with huge sticks to save my shit those fuckers just like 9 feet lol and fucking bucks...and there stamping and huffing to try to scare u away lol well anyway so then i got mobbed by slugs because it was near a marsh mustve killed like 200 seedlings and ignored the beer traps lol plus i decided to save money on soil...which u should never do lol

    that grow was hell lol i ended up with a very pampered and protected hermi lol so when u choose ur spot think of fucking everything...even concider the possibility of trees because its starting to seem like the animals are working for the dea lol they can smell that shit for miles and ruin it in a night bam no more grow lol also try ur best to get a clear south east...view

    so for normal sized plants id usualy recoment slug rings but if u plan on getting a good harvest from lr2 ud need a lot of them so just go out and buy a quality slug trap and hopefully theyl like that bait better than the nugs lol
    id also recomend deer off (pepper wax) to normal sized plants but u dont have much time with the lr2 so get used to holding it before u go out to visit them even bring some dogshit with u lol since we got a dog no deer has even thought about eating my tomatos pumpkins what have u

    yeah...thats about it...let them do their thing...theyre kind of the laize faire cannabis plant lol and the more u do while its growing the more u slow it down so find them a plant heaven lol keep them protected and they will do the rest of the work :-D
  11. fuzz420...thanks for all the help so u think i should plant straight in the ground or mix the soil...or just plant in pots and leave them out there...
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    np, yeah if i were u id get some foxfarms soil or the most expensive soil you can get the best outdoor soil i used was a mix between and plain peat potting soil with 000npk then i mixed in a forrestry compost 2/1 then yeah to save a couple bux id just dig ur holes about the size of a 5gal bucket then put a few inches of rock or gravel in the bottom for better drainage fill it with soil and make it like heap over u know like put extra because it will most likely pack down then after a good rain when its all packed down spread the old soil over the top so no one can c ur beautiful black organic soil from google earth lol

    then germ in a paper towel until the seelings are like an inch or 2 long and throw them in and water them heavily and wait for them to pop...the idea behind letting it come up itself is it will get used to the sun on its way up otherwise if u started indoors you have to wean them on to it which can be anoying and again any stress put on an auto translates to lost time where u wouldve had 8 weeks if u burn it coming out or lst it or anything you will need to wait for it to repair itself before it can continue normal growth which can last a week or even 2 so u can end up with an ultra dwarf lol so pamper the shit out of them

    with autos the first month is all about roots so if ur getting a weak rainy season water like maybe once a week tops and if ur having a heavy rainy season then the gravel should give u a little added protection...the problem with overwatering is it makes it difficult for the roots to push through the soil but when its loose and airy they shoot right through everything so be sure to give them time to have water and time to have air...and ul know when to water because you will see the bottoms of the leaves because they all reach upward(go on youtube and watch a timelapse grow) and ul know when not to water when u dont pretty much because they get full of water and get heavy and droop

    well i think i covered the most important stuff lol sry for rambling im too ripped at the moment lol good luck man start a journal so people can offer advice along the way and ur golden :-D

    ...p.s. just for the hell of it, and the practice uf uve got autos out u might as well throw out a bagseed or two and get another harvest later in the year so u can decide if autos are for you or if ud rather get ur nugs in one lump sum lol im starting to think autos are there to keep u sane for ur real grow lol

    i need to spend more time reading posts before posting lol

    i used a few companies drchronic.com which was expensive and slow lol i got ww and only got 8 of 10 to germ and attitudeseeds.com which in my opinion is the best they have great prices free seeds galore and if u buy a shirt or a mug or what have u for $10 they garentee ur order will get to u otherwise they will resend it until u get it i didnt buy a shirt i just got it in a dvd case and it came in like 3 days :-D GOOD LUCK MAN!
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    If you are going to go to the piont of ordering seeds and planting in the woods why not skip the autos.You want a small plant tuff as nails and easy to grow and get you realy stoned dutch passion passion 1 .yeald 2.5 ounces ready first week of sept. Grew 3 of them in 10 gallon grow bags in open woods/ swamp.bags do dry out faster than the ground,think about how often you can water them. So 3 -4 plants easy half lb. they get like 3-4 feet tail not big not bushy just right.Attitude seeds google it they are awsome. and get the fem seeds
  14. i plan on doing multiple grows in the woods like four different spots... im going to do 4 lowryder#2's. another 4 white dwarfs, 4 red dwarfs... and just for the hell of it my friend has 20 sour diesel seeds and ill plant them but wont really tend to them as much just hope they will grow the natural way...if i get atleast 5 of them to grow i will be happy... also with the autoflowers they are all gonna be fem so no worries there. any recomendatons on cheap autoflower strains?
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    that sounds like a DELICIOUS summer lol...when i was a kid i took a huge jar of seeds prolly like 600+ and scraped up some dirt in the woods and planted them and hoped...not a single one came up lol...it was also in a damp river bed and covered by huge trees lol but au natural is a very very difficult way to grow...so if u plan to do it i would definately at least loosen up the soil that ur going to put them in and maybe mix in some peat+ a guano mix...i know ppl who would kill u for the deisel seeds lol bc theyr to over paranoid to order... if u didnt know the taste alone is worth the work put into it...if uve got the deisel seeds in hand u might as well put most of ur work into them because you will get way more out of them lol and use ur autos to keep u happy all summer maybe trying a strain every month or something so uve got a fun little purpetual harvest that will allow u to save some of each strain for a 420 cannabis cup or something lol

    but idk i dont want to tell u how to run ur grow...your strain list sounds mouthwatering though, thats for damn sure :-D

    but with 20 deisel seeds you could be looking at a rediculous harvest obviously in the lbs range...but over time as we have turned it into the cultivar it is today we lost many of the ditchweed spread like wildfire capabilities so it does require some work....but this would be the complete oposite of all of my advice...id tell u to start in pots and wait till they are at least 4-5 nodes high then i would wean them onto the sun, top lst train what have u dig a big hole for them like at least 3x3 then deer off and slug rings as i have mentioned before...if u still plan on going natural only put out a couple at a time because there will be many casualties if the proper precautions arent taken...so when ur down to ur last 5 u can listen to me lol and still get a great harvest :-D but i wish u luck id love nothing more than for u to have 8foot beasts by doing nothing but putting a seed in the ground but if u have good sunlight lol chances are the soil in that area sucks otherwise trees would be literally fighting for it...
    good luck man this is going to be a great grow!!!

    REMEMBER UR GROW IS ONLY AS GOOD AS UR SOIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant stress that enough...i guess its also the hours of sun u recieve but thats implying that ur soil is up to par...if u look south and all u see is branches or leaves nothings going to grow u need like desert like painful sun lol so kill everything that gets in ur way lol

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    p.s. i think the cheapest way to get autos would be to just buckle down and get nonfemmed...its rly not that much of a hassle lol week 2 hits and u pull em...done :-D and uve got 5050 odds which will most likely give u 5 of each so like plant 2 in a hole and pull the male and if u got 2 fems in one and none in another move them, piece of cake :-D
  16. where i am growing is like a big hill witha clearing at the top...the bottom has a small creek...so with the sour diesel u think i should simply loosen the soil or dig a nice size hole...the only problem i have with sour diesle is the waiting like i cant wait till september october.....ill be away at college so im going to tell my friend where the sour diesle is so he can harvest it n give me about 60 of the profits when he sells it. but im not a seller just a toker. so u think its best to just get reg seeds and pray for at least1/2 to be a female. and are there any premaid soils that you have used that work pretty well???
  17. from pa also. and was looking at auto flowering strains so i didn't have to worry about bad weather.

    i'm really not sure of what strain. prob going to choose a few different kinds. i don't really want too much though, just to have something different for a little while to smoke.
  18. i see...i just want some good stuff thats better then the mids we got here in my hometown...
  19. ooo ok, well then idk lol i guess if ur still getting profit u could put some effort into the deisels

    yeah well i mean weigh the prices ovbiously im on my way to work so i cant check but whatevers more economical but yeah you can expect 50/50

    well top of the line soils are like promix, which ud still need a feeding regiment for unless u mixed in amendments or something
    foxfarm which is top of the line organic soil premixed...could add some perilite but u cant beat it...its just harder to get it out here
    then in new england we have farfard which is what ive been using recently i get the potting soil and mix it with one of their amendments sea or forrest 2/1
    if ur so limited by garden stores and u have to stoop to the level of walmart the best thing they offer is the miracle grow organic chioce soil which pains me to recomend but it will do the job way better than anything else they offer...and make sure u get the potting soil not their amendment lol its just a word change on the bag

    i mean...you will be able to tell lol i got a 70lb bag of soil for 10 dollars it had plastic all in it animal hair and it wouldnt take water and it was full of terrible nutes and those little balls that r supposed to hold moisture but rly they make ur weed taste like shit u had to water like 4 times to make the soil soak it up the rest would just pour off onto the floor...so when ur getting soil dont try to get a bargain spend the most you can

    shit im late lol peace
  20. what are the amendments that u are talking about...

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