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  1. I was thinking recently, with all the free time I seem to have accumulated now, a wooden pipe would be pretty fun to make.

    So my question is, does anybody have a good pipe making process guide they know about?

    Has anybody made a cool pipe that they want to share? go ahead.

    When you smoke how do you protect the bowl from burning - Idk if that's a dumb question, but I just think it would burn, cause its wood?
  2. What I have done is just widdle or carve something cool and use a metal bowl head instead of smoking out of the wood. You're right, it does burn. Even manufactured pipes..... those tobacco pipe looking wooden pipes headshops sell for like 5-10$.... they char.

    One of my favorite homemade pipes was made with a thick MJ plant stem and a metal bowl head. The plant was White Rhino so I dubbed it the Rhinostem Pipe. I drilled out the whole inside of the stem, making it kinda like a steamroller. Then I attached the bowl head by drilling a hole just smaller than the threads of a piece of metal pipe. The way it came out is like a sidecar steam roller.

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    When you first start using a bowl you will singe the wood a bit. Don't worry about it, not any worse than breathing at a camp fire. When a bowl gets blackened with resin, it won't really burn anymore, especially when the wood soaks up some of the moisture in resin, it gets harder to burn. I've thought about doing this before but I don't have want to go buy the tools needed for it.

    +rep Chief, that's pretty sweet, good job. I especially love your material choice for the stem :D
  4. only kind of pipe i have made is plastic bottle and ceramic ones.
    im sure u can find shit online about wooden ones
    or u can just wing it

    post pics if u do do it
  5. [​IMG]

    made from the leg of a chair previously owned by general patton
  6. I've made a few out of bamboo (pipe, steamroller & bong). I have a bunch in my backyard, and it's amazingly simple. And they hit like crazy. I love wooden pipes.

  7. that is incredibly cool. that is a really thick stem too thats hilarious. man i cant get over how sweet that is. niiiice:)
  8. oh yes. I have made one piece wood spoons before. the best instructions i know for it are on shit.... i forget where. but yes they're awesome!
  9. Thanks guys...... I like(d) that pipe too. Too bad it has drifted into the void......

    Artemis is right.... if you want to deal with the initial char taste phase, the resin build up will prevent further charring. It can't be worse than that huge inhalation of campfire smoke when you're blowing on it to pick it up a bit.

    I used to like carving different shaped peices of woods into pipes. Most of them were duds, but some worked. One of them actuall came out pretty dope.

    I found a branch of a scarlett oak tree (nice and hard wood) that was roughly 2- 2 1/2 inches in diameter. I ran it down my table saw and sliced it directly in two, the long way. So I was left with a piece of wood that was about 10 inches long, a little over 2 inches wide, about an inch tall and shaped like a half circle.

    I started with the bowl head first. I carved into it on the flat side, making a depression big enough for a bowl pack, but small enough that it wouldn't take up too much space and not be able to drill a small hole into it without ruining it.

    Next I carved around the outside of where I dug out a bowlhead, making it look like an actual spoon. Then I carved/shaved down the length of the piece, so when I was done it looked like a spoon.... one end fat with the bowlhead that is about 1/4 of the length, then it tapers down to the end.

    The next part is always the hardest, trickiest, and most important.... drilling the holes. I have a set of really loooong drill bits that work perfectly for this type of thing. I used a 1/4" drill bit that was 12" long.

    First, you drill straight down through the center of the bowl head about 1/4", or enough so that the end of the hole you just drilled is in the center of the vertical height of the pipe. Next, drill another hole on the side of the bowlhead end, into the hole you just drilled... NOT INTO THE BOWLHEAD! This is now the carb.

    Lastly, you need to drill the main hole. In order to keep this as straight as possible so you don't drill through and ruin the pipe, anchor the pipe so it is standing vertically perfectly. A level is a great idea.... or use the level on the back of your drill if it has one. Precise is important. Now drill a hole the long way in the direct center of the pipe, so that it comes out in the first hole you drilled, NOT THE BOWLHEAD! If you don't have a vise to use, you will need to hold the pipe in your hand because it will just spin around on the drill bit.

    One important thing to remember is to not drill the holes into the bowlhead. Just picture a glass spoon.... there is the bowlhead with a hole in the bottom, then a chamber where the length hole and carb connect to.
  10. [​IMG]

    This is my crude attempt at making a diagram with the paint program. The red lines are supposed to indicate where I drilled. The bottom thing is supposed to be what the piece of wood looked like before anything. ​
  11. ^^^^

    I'd plus rep if it was any use.

    Off to the shed!

  12. Of course it's of use! It lets insecure people feel they are better than the next guy they will never meet on a website that is inconsequential while talking about topics nobody cares about!
  13. Both of these are about 11". ;)

    Very fun to make and they give a good smoke.

  14. I love wooden pipes.

    I made two out of these flutes I got from my visit to Haiti. Very nice taste; it definitely enhances the smoke, if you're into that.

    I also hit WTS's dad's wooden pipe he purchased in Costa Rica some years ago. That thing was also great.
  15. monster how did you make those long wooden pipes?
  16. I cant remember what wood I used, either Pine or oak.

    I drilled a 12" hole through a 2"thick branch piece, and carved it down to size.

    Then I used a bench grinder to make the bowl and shape it into a cone, I drilled it through and connected the stem to the base.

    Then I scorched the pipe in my wood burning oven outside, and tadah! :smoke:

  17. HOLEY SHIT!!! Gandalf himself would toke out of this.:hello: round off applause

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