Wood Pipe Edge Burnt

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  1. Hey guys I have this wood pipe and SWIM may have possibly smoked some DMT out of it and accidentally burned the edge. I was wondering, is there is any dangers related to this? Also is there anyway I can fix it up so it looks a little better rather than burnt? Thanks! :smoke:

  2. I'm an avid tobacco pipe smoker and this is what happens, no problems, just a seasoned pipe.

    As for the DMT I am sure there will be residual. I keep my dmt pipe separate. As an example, my friend has a dedicated DMT pipe and one of her friends smoked out of it by accident and had an unexpected trip.
  3. Alright man thanks, I should probably look into getting a glass piece for DMT..

  4. I use a large sidecar for my dmt and smoke it like a crack pipe but dropping dmt into the side car and heating the bottom with a torch. Sandwiching weed works too, but weed makes me paranoid these days.
  5. Yeah I've tried a bunch of ways and sandwiching was the only way that worked for me. I read somewhere you can also use mint leaves or any other smokeable herb to sandwich it with, I think mint helps you hold in your hits better too.

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