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  1. Hey guys,
    So me and some neighbors are mixing our own soils. We have a bobcat to mix them but our friend has a wood chipper...we are thinking of mixing things with our bobcat (peat, coco, fine fir, pumice, compost (leaves, twigs etc)) but we are also wondering if it would be a good idea to pour it in to the wood chipper to shoot it out.
    It is one of those heavy duty ones that normal tree trimming places tow behind their pickups (big one) so we are thinking it might work. OR would it just mess the thing up? We all use it for chipping up our tree branches etc but can we feed soil in to it do you think without messing things up? The pumice is the only thing we are sort of worried about BUT we are also worried it might clog it up.

    Any thoughts or experience anyone has used with trying this?
  2. I highly doubt that it will work and most likely clog and gum up
  3. Why do you think that?
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  4. Do you know how a wood chipper works?
    It grabs and pulls the tree parts in the the chopping blades and then blows the chips out
    The soil mix that you are trying to mix would have no safe way to feed into the machine and once there no way for it to be pulled into the blades
    Think about it
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    You can chip bodies no problem though
    Warning GRAPHIC

  6. Pumice?

    Pumice is volcanic glass...sure you want to run glass through a chipper?
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  7. Use a cement mixer

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  8. The fuck is wrong with you? If we wanted to see gore we would visit Ogrish, not the organic section of a marijuana forum. Seriously fuck off with that shit.
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  9. Thought about that but it won't mix the amount we are wanting to mix in our group... :( Would take a long long time lol
  10. I've mixed large amounts with my farm tractor bucket easily. Dump everything into a heap and then just start scooping it up, raise the bucket high and slowly dump it back into the heap. Repeat. Can you come up with or just rent a tractor for the afternoon?


    Edit: If you can do this on pavement you'll be so much better off.

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    How much soil are you talking here? There are many different options for cement mixers out there. Home Depot rental for one.
    Looking for concrete equipment? Rent from your local Home Depot.
    Just from there you can go up to 9cf mixers that would be able to mix up huge amounts of soil in an afternoon of work for a few people.
    I agree with Jerry that a tractor with a bucket would work very well and be rentable, but there would be a learning curve to use this method where a cement/mortar mixer it is no harder than shovel ingredients into mixer, run for a bit. Then dump out beautious organic soil, repeat.

    Another option would be to find a larger scale livestock farmer that would allow/rent you his PTO feed grain mixer for an afternoon. The sky is the limit when it comes to amounts that can be done this way. and with an auger chute you could build a massive pile of soil in no time.
    Farm Equipment For Sale: Gehl 125 Grinder Mixer
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