Won't take my Debit Card?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by xHayleyHazard, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. I've tried on three separate occasions now to purchase a Blaze Perc for my boyfriend's Valentine's gift. I'm using a Visa Debit card linked to my bank account, not a gift card. It keeps telling me I'm not authorized. Help?
  2. Does it say anything on your card about using it internationally? Mine tells me to go to a website for international assistance. :p
  3. No, it doesn't give me any other prompt but that. I wish I could just use Paypal. >.>
  4. Oh, nevermind, that website it gave me was for people calling from outside the US. Duhhh. :laughing:

    You still may want to check and make sure your debit card can be used to make purchases internationally, though. :confused_2:

    PayPal would be great, but they don't like us horrible, drug-smoking types. ;)
  5. Is that really why we can't use Paypal? Haha.
    Ugh, I'm ready to just give up. No other sites have this bong for the price I'm willing to pay on here.

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