won't let me upload pictures

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  1. :confused:please let me know what I can do,
    everytime I try to upload some pics on my thread it says this
    acapulco gold 3 strange leaves.JPG:
    \t\tUpload of file failed
    what am I doing wrong?
    I have some problems with a plant and I need to put a pic out there to get some advice:(
  2. Try this:

    Upload the pictures to your computer or send the pics to your email. Then, whenever you see the picture you want on your computer (in the size you want)you click and drag it into the grasscity quick reply box.

    It usually shows the URL, then you click the picture icon delete the http part and copy and past the URL that showed up. When you post your quick reply it should show up as a picture.

    Good luck:wave:
  3. Or.......you can upload the pic to GC's Gallery and then post it from there. The Gallery is working fine.

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