Won't get a new pH meter for at least a week!!

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  1. Hey guys, so my pH meter went kaput on me and I ordered another online, will be here in at least a week to 2 weeks most likely.. I run coco coir hempy buckets so hydro. My girl needs to be watered daily! is there any way for me to keep on watering or will I have to go dryspell on her :(? Is it better to water blind or not water at all? I've already had pH problems and stress on this one..

    I'm in a spot, anyone got any advice?
  2. You know, I used to think a PH meter was the most important thing ever, and I haven't actually used one in over a year. I just run the lucas formula 0-8-16 and add back water till it's all replaced then dump and start over. A little rhino skin and some bloom booster and that's it. Most of the shit has enough buffers in it to where you'll actually be fine, and because you're always worried about that PH, you actually change the damn water as often as you should. Next think you know you're growing big fat buds, and lots of them, frosty and coated with all the deliciousness and you don't have to worry about that fucking meter anymore.
  3. Haha I wish I could be so sure. I'm running foxfarm line currently. I wanted to switch over to lucas formula but this is only my second grow, and in my first I purchased FF Tiger bloom. Before I began this round I had to choose between new line of nutes or stick with FF and I chose to stick with FF rather than own two lines and have one just sit there.

    Also I should probably add im 6 weeks into flowering but the growth is more like 4 or 5 because she took so long to start budding. I had a small light leak which I suspect was the cause.

    Thanks for the advice, I'm looking to switch to lucas formula after I finish my FF line bottles.
  4. How long does your strain take to flower? If you're 6 weeks into 12/12, you might not even need to feed it but a few more times then start a mad flush. You got pics of this thing?
  5. Its a club clone and ive had a suspicion its not what te label said it was. Supposedly indica dom hybrid blue rhino but i have quite sativaish leaves and it went through a huge stretch.

    I am 6 weeks but growth was delayed by a light leak. The first 3 and a half weeks or so was just stretching and stretching with very little flower growth despite being on all flowering nutes. 5/8 of the main colas have finally begun single bladed leaf top cola formation.

    Still very white pistils and the only calyxs that have begun to swell are the ones at internodes and not the actual nug calyxs

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  6. I had a strain that was supposed to be 100% indica that tripled in size in flower. No worries. Your plant looks good man. The real key is not to chop it early. It'll grow those buds man its doing good. I think changing your water often for the next few weeks is the best bet since you don't have a meter you're gonna be fine just keep doing what you're doing.
  7. Thanks for the reassurance. Yes I hate how long she is taking but there is no sense in early chopping. I am going to however cut half of her a week or so later for more ambers. The first half of her will be at like 20% amber 80% cloudy and the latter half closer to 30-40% amber
  8. Man when you start to get ready to chop, let it spend the last few days in the dark and you can drain the water so it can start to dry a little. I've done it that way a few times and I think the few days of darkness really set it off. I'm not a scientist, but I've done it both ways a handful of times and I prefer leaving them in the dark a few days before chopping just based on my own opinions.

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