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  1. i have a problem of which i cant figure out hopefully someone can shed some light

    i am not a novice i have been growing for quite some time however i have a set of girls that will not flower i have never had this happen in,lights are at 12/12 no light leaks temp is a constant 75 degrees solutions are perfect including ph they are in a DWC AND SOG
    they vegged for 4 weeks and have been in flower mode for 6 weeks now and nothing except for they are growing way out of control
    the sogs are out of room im going to be forced to cut in half to allow for more growth the dwc are not far behind
    dont know what to do
    any help is appreciated

  2. I would check your timer and makes sure its not, even for a minute interrupting the dark. I know there are some 13 week strains out there but should still see some flowering 6 weeks in. Im stumped. Gonna follow this one to see how it turns out.
  3. I'd hit them with 10/14! Let them "think" it is late autumn and they better get themselves in gear!

  4. Hi mate, i had this problem with barneys G13, the thing would'nt flower and kept growing taller after 10 week nothing so chopped it for bubble hash lol what strain is it?Are there any pistols showing?
  5. yes pistols are very abundant and have been for 2 weeks
  6. the strain is haze and rasberry cough
  7. So its flowering at a slow rate ? could it be a 14 week flower time and the best has still to come , its just maybe a bit slow?
  8. Abundant pistils = flowering.
  9. Is this 4 weeks from seed or clone?
  10. problem is im going to run out of grow space if its going to last 10 weeks let alone 14 weeks
    the sog girls have to be cut back 50% now to alow for mor growth the dwc might make it before they run out of room
    never had ladies that took so long
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    You wouldn't happen to have your lights on at night (ie. night time outside), and off during the day, would you?

    edit - Also, if they are very sativa dom., sometimes they'll require a longer night period and a shorter day, just like Storm Crow suggested.

    Indicas will usually flower well with 13/11 - 12/12, but some close-to-pure and exotic landrace sativas, usually depending on their origin or proximity to the equator, will require more night-time to really get going.
  12. I read that if its a "haze" strain you can count on mature buds in at least 12 weeks. It helps to do researh on the strain from spe ific breeders becausr they vary so much. Any pics? The one didnt work for me.hope it works out.

  13. My lights run at night, and off during the day; I have no problems whatsoever doing this. What is your experience?
  14. [quote name='"AgMan"']

    My lights run at night, and off during the day; I have no problems whatsoever doing this. What is your experience?[/quote]

    Thatsnot an issue bevause its indoors with no light leaks right? Id give it another week or two before i got concerned and considered scrappin it.
  15. ^^^
    I'm not the onw with a problem. i was just asking BadKitty why lights at night might be an issue, its never been an issue for me... Of course light leaks WOULD be an issue ifthere were any.
  16. Myn mistake. How significant do light leaks have to be to ruin, fully or partially, your crop? Im fairly new to indoor with only intense research under my belt in the area.

  17. It actually can be an issue, light leaks aside entirely, if the temperature is warmer during the plants 'night', than it is during the plants 'day'...

    It's precisely why I ask that question when flowering won't initiate!

    I ask it more so for that, than for light leaks (because many people are already aware and have the leaks taken care of, but the temperature issue is a bit less 'well known').
    Flowering can occur or initiate often even in spite of light leaks, sometimes even with significant leaks, but it can cause hermying or 'odd' female flower/growth patterns down the road. But a little known fact is that correct temperatures are just as important to get dialed in, if not more important than correcting small light leaks, when inducing bloom.

    The plants are accustom to it being much cooler during their dark hours than their daylight hours, so if by chance the night time temps are not low enough, too close to the same, or (even worse) higher than the day temps, flowering sometimes; won't initiate; buds sometimes 'foxtail'; plants sometimes re-veg or get caught 'in between'.

    It's a good idea to be sure your night time temps are, not freezing, but significantly lower than the day temps. :)

    Otherwise, if the night temps are a good 5 - 10 degrees (F) cooler, then it's likely a sativa photoperiod issue, and like Storm Crow said, sometimes reducing the daylight hours will fix that...

    Close to the equator, it's very near 12/12 all year round, with very little change. This means that 12/12 is their average vegetative state, and unless A) temps drop, or B) the photoperiod reduces even further, they won't bloom until they've grown to the size they are accustom to.

    Which is exactly why, when buying seeds, you'll notice some sativas and hybrids are strictly considered 'outdoor only'.. this term is used more loosely in some cases, than others, and many people don't understand the challenge certain plants can present when grown indoors (especially after having years of experience with less-finicky plants).

    This photoperiod, in their natural state, can result in huge sativa trees, and if the above-mentioned environmental changes don't occur, they'll only begin to flower after they've aged enough and when 'they feel like it'.. in other words, their hormones won't switch over until after the plants have reached a certain size or maturity.

    Hope this helps clear things up! :)
  18. Wow didnt know the temp thing. I love learning new stuff. Thanks for the info man.
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  19. Temp does have some affect on flowering, but I respectively disagree that it is more important than light leaks. Perhaps off temps and light leaks compound the problem. Cooler night temps do help with the flower process. My yield does drop a bit this time of year with hotter days my room gets at night. Even so, they set bud in about a week, as usual, but are not quite as efficient at finishing on time. Luckily where I live this only a problem for a few weeks.

    The book, "Marijuana Botany" has this to say:

    " Cool night temperatures seem to promote flowering in plants that have previously differentiated sexually. Extended cold periods, however, cause metabolic processes to slow and maturation to cease. Most temperate Cannabis strains are sensitive to many of the signs of an approaching fall season and respond by beginning to flower. In contrast, strains from tropical areas, such as Thailand, often seem unresponsive to any signs of fall and never speed up development. "
  20. This brings me back to my original question of, "is this 4 weeks of be from a seed or a clone?"
    If its a seed, it might not be physiologically mature. Physiological maturity takes about 2 months.

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