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  1. I am a first time grow but believe me i did my research every step of the way spending hours reading up on each stage. My plant is now 3 feet tall n has been on the flowering 12/12 light cycle(only100 watt) for 5 weeks. It has 5 nodes and many pistins coming out but i feel like it should start budding by now. I think i may have let it in the veg stage too long n let it get to big before i switched the light cycle. Any ideas?
  2. it will take 2 weeks before you see any thing , and remember 12/12! ! !
    Its female right :D?
  3. i got the light timer for the 12/12 and yeah theres mad pistils
  4. Hi..

    Are you sure that you have total darkness durning your 'night' cycle? Light leaking in will sometimes prevent them from budding. What is total flowering time for your strain? If you know the strain, you can look it up at some of the online seed companies. I agree, after 5 weeks, you should start seeing some buds.

    Good Luck!
  5. Toss up a pic!
  6. Using any nutes? i had a really good experience with Advanced Nutrients..but smidermites took over n i chopped them all down.. just two days ago matter fact.. but other than the mites... advanced nutes had my shit showing in no time.. i mean i turned my lights on 12/12 and about 1 week into 12/12 i started givin em Big bud and bud candy and about 3 to 4 days later could notice the results.. i had another clone that was taken with this plant and i didnt give it any nutes.. it took about 3 weeks before i even noticed a difference.. do some research n see what you would like first tho.. just letting you know how my experience with advanced nutes was.. and it was great.
  7. Little tall for only 100 watts. CFL's need to be about 4-6" above the plant. Not saying 100 watts is not enough but, will not penetrate the canopy and most of the lower buds will be like popcorn size. After 5 weeks their should be some noticeable buds on the tops nearest the light.

    What is the kv of the bulb..?..Cfl or, other...?
    Are you using a flowering nute..?..Wha's the NPK...
  8. i agree with everything everyone said
  9. But would not having proper nutes cause no budding?
  10. Would get some buds but, would be very small and would probably take longer before forming flowers..
    During veg you need a fert with high N(nitrogen) and low K(phosphorus. When flowering is the reverse....

    Sounds like this may be one of your problems.....;)
  11. Dude, you got your elements mixed. K is potassium.
  12. More info if you can dude, maybe pics of your set up?

    not enough light will def give you poor 'popcorn' buds that take AGES - as I just had this prob when changing to 90w LED... poor flowering all the way!
    Sounds like its stretched as well (5 nodes / 3 feet tall???) - which is low lighting!

    If you can get a 400w hps on her, I reckon she'll love you for it!
  13. Thanks for the help
  14. Any updates on this?
  15. You just have to wait it out bro. Some take 8-9 weeks of flowering before there ready.

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