Wont be here to harvest, what would you do??

Discussion in 'General' started by derkaderk, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,
    I have a strange (hopefully, not so strange) situation. 
    I bought auto-flowering seeds back in April and immediately put them into pots (outdoors). Expecting my seeds to auto-flower, i booked flights for a trip abroad in Mid-October to Malawi for approx. 4 months. Unfortunately, the girls did not auto-flower. Now it is the last week of September and they are in the flowering stage. Buds looking nice on most plants and one has just started to bud. If luck is on my side, i believe 1 might be finished and dried before i leave, however, I am not so hopeful for the others. They still look as if they have a lot more than 3 weeks (2 weeks to finish and also 1 week needed for drying) before they finish. They are looking beautiful and it breaks my heart to even think of leaving them to die out and wither.
    So, this is my situation anyway. 
    I have 3 weeks before I leave my grow site for a solid 4 months and I am not sure how to go about dealing with the harvesting and drying of 4, probably 5 seven foot tall plants??

    So, if anyone has any suggestions on what they would do if they were in my situation??
    I have an idea or two but none have settled my mind. I am just trying to brainstorm and hopefully somebody out there will be able to help me to find the answer to my predicament.
    All suggestions are welcome!

  2. Find a friend or someone to harvest for you and just let them have the buds? What can you really do
  3. Damn dude that's a bad spot to be in. All you can do about is have a best friend chop them when they are ready and bring them in. Auto's never flowered early??? That's weird
  4. I would get one of my close friends to harvest for me if I was in that situation
  5. yeah like everyone else said, find your number 1 homie... and toss em some free erb and leave him instruction book with pictures.. youll be straight
  6. Damn man that's  rough. Like others said find someone to harvest or chop em early ( :( ) i mean early harvest is better than lettin em die n go to waste.
  7. Harvest day before you leave, and let them dry out over night in a dehydrator?
  8. @[member="xxspeakxx"]
    Where can i get a dehydrator and for what price range??

    Or is there a way of building one?
  9. You should find them at walmart. They're used to make jerky and raisens, and such.
    Not sure about price. I'd guess 25$ and up though.
  10. Leave your key under the mat and I'll be there to take care of your problem for ya. You can thank me later.

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