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  1. I've seen all the ploys and stupid weight loosing gimmicks, but is their really anything that can help me not be as hungry all the time?

    I'm starting to work out again, drink just water, fast/slow running, with some weight training, but it was always the constant eating that got to me....so any ideas?
  2. I'm not the expert on this situation, since im the opposite - with a high metabolism i have to eat as much as possible without looking like a rake :)

    Anyway, eating is not a bad thing - you're doing exercises which is great, weight training means the food will be turned into muscle and not fat. I think it will depend heavily on what you're eating, avoid high calorie foods (cakes etc, say goodbye now). The best thing for you is fruit, salads, tuna/fish, cereals, it also helps to choose the low fat variety of foods (i.e. mayonaise, wholemeal bread).

    Don't eat huge meals, eat numerous small meals throughout the day - this will maximize your metabolism and you won't have to wait long inbetween meals. When you don't eat for a long time, your body is put into starvation mode and decreases your metabolism to conserve energy. Make your meals consist of all food groups, never have a meal without protein.

    Also, you've already mentioned it - drink a lot of water in the day, water is vital as a medium for all reactions to take place. Too little drags the water out of your cells and they will die.

    Good luck mang

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