Wondering when I should flower?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Didyousneeze, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. I'm at exactly 4 weeks and there are 6+ tops. I don't have the most room and I've seen how stretch can happen with my last grow. This is her currently.

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  2. Top it and tie it down the shoots will grow off the side some will root bound it in 3 gallon pots to keep it from stretching lollypop it so it spends all the energy on the flowers on top
  3. It's already been topped and has been tied down, I even spread the new growths out. Which there are 6 and also those branches are growing new arms haha So you think I should transplant to a 5 gal?[​IMG]

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  4. when you move it to the flower you should have another growth spert if you have the room i would if not keep her just like that
  5. i like mine to clear about 10" clear from the pot up for air flow and light as long as you got that your golden
  6. As soon as I get those arms spread I'll let her up but it's hard cuz there's pretty much no stretch with these led, just growth.

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  7. Here's how she is right now. I think I'll switch to 12/12 Monday.[​IMG]

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  8. august is when my climate forces your girls to flower.. Bout mid august you'll see prolific packs of pistils packing little fists of bud, that each branch lead to a main kola.. (Experiment w topping and or fimming, then LSTng the new branches horizontally by tieing em down w cotton butchers twine.. Keep your garden profile bushier instead of tall.. Open her up so light hits spots normally shaded by her natural growing pattern. My window sill, cfl indica is days away. Here's a test nug I took. Currently drying about 24-36 hours.. Self sufficiency. Thats all it is :)

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