wondering what is happening with my clone.

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  1. I have some curling on the new growth of my cannabis clone and it seems like it has white/yellow spots near where the curling is happening, i am not sure if it is a nutrient difficency or if it has something to do with PH balance or heat stress. trying to find some info so i can quickly solve this problem before it gets out of hand. thank you.

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  2. hmmm has it been transplanted recently? only thing I can compare to my clones is that there was a nutrient deficiency during rooting and is starting to catch back up with weird growth.

    although the sheen on the one leaf looks to be over nitrogen, and the leaves in general plus soil shows that it could be a over water condition too
  3. i got the clone delivered to me in a solo cup that was in a small rockwool cube. saw roots exposed. looked fine to me. i put it in some soil that was dried up so i watered it and mixed it around. i then mixed a small bit of rooting solution into it to see if it would help with growth. was transplanted into the actual solo cup because it was just in the cube. so pretty much all i did was add the soil around and give it rooting solution. i keep it at a good distance from the light. using one good LED light and 2 CFL lights. have a fan that is taking air out and a fan inside circling air to keep it cool. still not sure if it is ready for nutes are not.
  4. U got a leaf

    maybe to smoke

    I think not

    ease of your nute poisoning some

    water only for 2 weeks

    then nute again at half strength

    like it should say on the bottle?

    good luck
  5. Have you been watering correctly? Looks kinda like maybe overwatered.
  6. I'm starting to think it was over watered. But even that would make the leaves curl inwards? And yellowing along the edge? The leaves do not feel crispy either.
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  7. Very well could be more than one cause to her current condition.
  8. Updated pic.

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  9. Every single clone I've ever done always looked wonky af.

    Give her a few weeks then show us some pics
  10. Beginning flower 1 week in.

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