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  1. I don't think world peace is possible. I was thinking of ways for everyone to get along but it'd never work. There are too many assholes in the world. Fuck the world we live in sucks  :unsure:

  2. Nah, it's just the crazy religious and greedy people. Get rid of all those and the rest of us will be fine.
  3. That alone is at least 80 % of the population man
  4. The world community just needs to all sit the fuck down and smoke a fat one together and talk shit out.
  5. I think we are on to something here...
  6. Or we could drop 4 tons of weed into volcanos over the world... Y'know...
  7. Our species evolved in light of a highly competitive environment, where threat of predator, enemy, or even simple routine scarcity would result in near constant conflict.  Among the very earliest human tools discovered by archeologists are weapons, consistent with the injuries discovered on human remains from the same period.  
    Even within the context of internal social hierarchical dynamics, violence is effectively inevitable in our species as it currently stands, emotionally.
    Fortunately, in about 10 to 20 year we'll' have completed the reverse-engineering of the human brain, and then we can say fuck all that, if we so choose.  
  8. First, 97% of people must be destroyed. Then one world currency must be made, and the nwo will take control of everything. Its gonna suck for them if it happens, so I welcome war.
  9. You have a point. Our instincts are to fight eachother and compete to the top. It's pathetic the reasoning part of brains cannot take control and lead to compromise. Although us humans think we're an advanced species, we are the same as any other animal.
  10. "Look, we respect your ancestors lived here, man...ppppththt...so did ours.  Can we work something out?"
    "Well...thanks, thpthppppppthththh.....phhoooooooo.....aaaah....okay, so...what were we...oh yeah, peace, okay, yeah, let's just disarm, we'll do like a camp vs. camp thing like at the end of Meatballs to decide who get's what...hey, is there any more of this hummus?"
    Roll up a fatty and try not to think about it dude. That's about all you can do.
  12. Nothing of value was lost.
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    World Peace is doubtful to happen for a numerous amount of reasons. War, Greed (sometimes greed is the thesis to start the war), Tyrannical stubbornness and Inflexibility to change place of their own views, Arrogance (talking instead of listening to possibilities that could be made), Ignorance (ignoring the ability to look over the corruption and the flaws of the strategy they have created), Xenophobia, Incompetence, Scarcity of resources (one of the reasons for war), and Radical Extremists.
    They won't compromise to sentimental reasoning, but yet they are fueled by anger (negative emotions). 
    The only way you could make a significant difference is if you were part of the clan of authority and pushing your word to be heard but you need to make logical standpoints. 
  14. ^This!
    A Million times! Lets do iT!!
  15. Make cannabis use MANDATORY!

    "Everybody must get stoned!" Bob Dylan
  16. 'World peace' as a concept is a nonstarter. Human beings are hard wired for violence. All of human culture was constructed through violence.
  17. You want peace? too bad :laughing:. The best peace we can create is in your local community. Peace on a global scale will never happen because people always want more and to get more you have to take it from someone. There's also countries and religions that have hated eachother for hundreds of years. Best you can do is create peace in your own personal life. Spread the love and peace and feel good about it. All you  can do is try!
  18. Religious intolerance is also a part of the problem but some people are strictly committed to what their god says and will kill to please him. OP, if there was a rational island/country I'd move in a sec. 

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