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  1. Would I be able to take a glass soda bottle (jones bottle) and make it into a bong (or would it be called a bubbler since it's so tiny? Idk) Here's my idea, created out of a combo of boredom and lack of good glass cutting tools :p
    So what I'd do is I'd take some string, and soak it in flammable shit and wrap it around the bottle at the height I want the downstem. (I saw it on YouTube) then light it, and when it gets really hot dunk it in cold water so it cuts the bottom half off. I would then take the two halves, sand out any imperfections etc so that they match up pretty evenly.
    The next part is what I need help with... I'm trying to think of something that would space out the two pieces so I could shove the downstem in and still keep it sealed... Here's a diagram, cause I just confused the fuck outta myself


    What could I use to keep it solid, airtight, waterproof, and will attach to glass? Would clay work? Thanks!
  2. I think it would be much easier just to get a diamond coated drill bit and just drill a hole large enough for a downstem and slide, providing that the downstem isn't too large. If it is you could just get a larger glass bottle. I've been wanting to do this with a "Bong Spirit" vodka bottle but I can't find a retailer with it.

    As for your idea specifically, it seems like it will be extremely hard to cut through the glass though I can't say I've ever tried. I also really don't know what would hold glass together, I'm not sure if clay would work or not. Sorry.
  3. if you wanted you could sand a halfa hole on top abd bottom, put your downstem in and then put it together and seal it with glass sealand (available at your local hardware)
  4. Genius... I should have thought of this before :) thanks :p

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