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Wondering If This Is The Right Solutions For Me To Pass My Rehab Drug Test On June 5Th?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by clizoudkicker08, May 27, 2013.

  1. okay so ive been on rehab for 9 months now, and i had the chance to get off of it this last Wednesday, but i had been smoking the herb so i tried to sneak in some clean piss,i got the piss an hour before i went so freshness wasn't a problem, i had it at perfect temp and everything, they do have a male watching you while you give them your sample (because im a male)so i was trying to perform this under vision of an attendant but its not belt buckle was holding it up and as soon as i took of my belt all you heard was a big old drop of a pill bottle to tile flooring. i was caught dead in my tracks. so they gave me the chance to redeem myself. so im to come in June 5th and submit my urine into the cup, im 5'11 and weigh 130. im just wondering if im going to be able to pass this test with a negative and finally go back to smoking herb like the good ol' days with the friends of myne. i read in another thread  to get some :
    -high potency 100 mg niacin
    -cranberry extract pills 400 mg
    -b12 100 mcg
    -yogi tea detox tea
    the only home remedies i know of to help me pass is vinegar, water, sweating, showering after you sweat, and green tea
    so, basically, my question is: will i be able to pass a drug test on June 5th being clean since May 25th weighing 130lbs and standing at 5'11? thank you for all the answers and happy tokes! :smoking:

  2. You're cutting it pretty close. You are pretty tall and skinny though, so there's always a chance. I would recommend diluting the hell out of your piss unless they won't take it if its too clear.

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