Wondering If One Could Filter Bong Water?

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  1. I'm just wondering if anyone has tried to use a Brita filter or any filter to filter their bong water. 

  2. So you can re use your dirty bong water and destroy your Britta filter in the attempt
  3. why would you want to? whats the end result here haha..
  4. Probably would destroy the filter. But even if you did, I wouldn't drink it, just use it as bong water again. If you really want to test it, do it right before you were putting in a new one anyway.

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  5. Lmao @ brita filter. The resin would ruin the filter after a few uses. No bueno
  6. I read a thread about some guy using activated carbon in his bong Water

    Used it like a diffuser, made sure the stem was going into the layer of water and carbon
  7. Yes let's feed trolls
  8. This post rates .00643 higher in relevance than the old favorite "Can I Drink My Bong Water" post.
    So you got that going for you.
  9. Unless its rare water from an icelandic glacier, just go to your sink and refill it lol

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  10. Just dump the water out and get more from the faucet 

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