Wondering if I should be worried

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  1. This is my first time growing and I’m wondering if my seedlings are going okay I know I need to repot the stretchy ones they. The second set of leaves one one are almost folding in is that normal?

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  2. They're fine. No need to re-pot just yet. I'd add perlite to the ones that don't have it for better drainage. Good job. :thumbsup:
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  3. How would one add perlite to the soil?
  4. Trick question?
  5. No... did you mean to add the perlite to the existing soil or add it to the next batch.
    One, I can't figure... the other is simple.
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  6. Well, honestly, since they're very young, I was assuming the roots weren't that established just yet, so it would've been easy to just mix a small handful of soil with some perlite and add it to another little square and replant it there. I only suggested that because the soil in the first 3 pics looks a bit compacted. The seedlings look good, but since the roots are young, perhaps a less compacted soil would've helped? However, since the seedlings look good, waiting until they're big enough to repot to an actual pot would make much better sense.

    Sooooo..... yea I may have over-thought this lol.
  7. We're good.
    I, personally, NEVER want to disturb roots.
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  8. I agree and stand corrected. The perlite can wait until the next transplant. Thanks for your input. :thumbsup:
  9. What are you growing them things in tree bark. Lol they look good so far I will keep watching, do you have a journal? If not throw some post up on here from time to time...

  10. I have them in general potting mix and I’m using coffee grounds and I just brought a general fertiliser with a slightly higher (N) rating and sprinkled that in there before their half week feed yesterday
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  11. Thanks heaps man I’ll keep posting progress I’m glad I found this forum will come in help. I have about 20 more seeds but this is just a test run so I’ll see how they go.
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