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  1. Hey everyone, I am about to embark on my first journey as a grower. I have researched for about 2 months and the more I read the more I worry.
    I was gifted with a VivoSun 4x4 tent and Oneo 600w LED light and decided to invest in the rest of the equipment. I have a 4in 200cfm exhaust fan, 4in 180cfm intake fan pulling from outdoors with a standard filter. Automatic ceramic heater, humidifier, two 6 inch fans with temp control settings, and a timer for the light. Made my medium with 60/40 Coco and Perlite.
    For nutes I have Humboldts Secret A and B, CalMag with iron. I have readied 3 tiers of pots for seedling to final with the last being a 5 gal bucket with 1.5in of pea gravel on bottom and holes drilled for drainage.
    I feel like I've gotten everything I should need for the grow.
    My main concern at this point is that I have no vetted seeds. The seeds I have are from what I have smoked. I always save any I find in the stuff I really enjoy. I was told supposed strains on a few and those are Sour Diesel, Chernobyl, Blueberry Kush.
    I've been playing with the setup and I have succeeded in holding the tent at values between 72°-76° and RH 40%-80%
    I have researched my ass off to try and make sure this grow is completed with the best yield possible and I'm still very unsure. I plan on trying to get at least 2 plants to harvest, more if I can. I'll post with pics as I go.
    Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated. Will the light be good enough, the medium? Should I invest $ in a drip system? Etc.
    Thanks in advance - J
  2. Good luck. You have a good start , but some fem seeds. It’s worth it to know genetics of what your growing

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  3. Buy not but. Buy some fem seeds or auto / fems

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  4. Are you familiar with how to grow in coco?
    Welcome to GC. :)
  5. No sir. I use fox farms soil mostly

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  6. I was talking to the OP - he/she plans on growing in coco.
  7. And I’m a newbie. Doing my first 4 plant grow with some Ethos Sour OG Cheese fems. Waiting on my auto fems to arrive. I’m learning every day. Keep it simple. Don’t freak out if you get one little brown spot on a leave. I also tried to keep my plants outside during the day. I thought my plants were dying yesterday all they needed was a drink all the tops were falling over. I’m also using the same nutes you are

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  8. My bad. Sorry

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  9. Hey there, good luck growing.
    Watch some videos on youtube, it can help a lot. One channel that I watch is : from seed to stoned
    He grows autos and photos as well. If you are aiming for the best yields, I suggest you go with photos, SCRoG setup...
    You need a time switch though..
    Get a big yielding strain as well
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    More responses than I expected so quickly. Sorry for the tardiness on my part. I was at the end of a 12 night shift and was heading home.

    I have looked at the seed cost vs the cost of feminizing my own plants and I believe that I will be initially buying some AAA Seeds as Regular rather than feminized and I will be feminizing my own strains after.
    After all the reading I've done I'm really interested in the genetics and breeding aspects. I'm aspiring to come up with a Master Strain of my own. Seriously. It's like a form of earth magic or something. Amazing stuff.
    I have never grown cannabis in Coco but I have over 34 species of succulents/Cacti that I maintain on my porches. I actually bought soil before realizing that it was dangerous to use time release fertilized soil. During the same research session I found out that the main ingredient in my house plants was also a great main substrate for cannabis, Coco Coir.
    That's actually saved me about $80 in Medium costs because I already had a stock of Perlite and Coco. I have sphagnum moss, sand, and other substrates too but I do not have the experience yet to be able to make great judgments on Medium mixes.
    Thanks for the welcome. I've been stressing with all the reading because I have no one in my "Circles" who grows anything but houseplants. Glad to find a forum where I can figure stuff out and share thoughts. Much appreciated
  11. If you mean a timer for the light I got one of those too. Forgot it in my list. It was 4 bucks at Walmart but it's worked for my dry runs without issue.
    Good advice though. Definitely a priority because I am not the type to listen to a timer for the plants schedule.
    Also, I am already a recent subscriber to From Seed to Stoned. He's pretty good about keeping his videos interesting and gave me a couple of the ideas I plan on implementing.
  12. The person I got the tent from says it's the perfect size for a 4 plant grow but thinking about that much attention needed for my first full grow is fuel for anxiety. I fully intend on getting there but I'll be taking baby steps for a while.
  13. Four plants for a first grow sounds nice! I did 6 over the winter and am happy, would have been a little smoother with 4. But dont knock yourself short, i believe in you.

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  14. Great seeds to start with! Way I started. Now u can watch for males. Some of ur best shit happens from bagseeds! Good luck! I'm always around if u need help

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