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Wondering how weed is a painkiller

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Popo, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. #1 The Popo, Aug 1, 2011
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2011
    the other day i was sitting at a park smoking a bowl and mosquitoes were out.. anyways each time i got bit id feel a sharp pain and see the mosquito bite me. i am never this aware when im sober and dont notice til after that sucker is gone..Im just curious how something that can make u so aware of ur senses help as a pain killer..i know it works, im not questioning that its just confusing for me to understand right now
  2. You hwere just so high u iomagined the pain, so u shud be ok
  3. I'm sorry to tell you this, but you have AIDS. You have three days to live.
  4. neither of these posts remotely related to my question... lol

  5. They actually are extremely related... You just can't see it through the dense cluster of stoned aids living in your eyes.
  6. The.... mosquito

    Cannabinoid analgesia. [Pharmacol Ther. 2002] - PubMed result

  7. Smoking makes me more sensitive to pain, I remember when I had a fractured wrist I kept thinking "im going to smoke so it kills the pain, it is a painkiller right?". Turns out it made the pain alot worse.

    I honestly don't get how people say its a painkiller, go figure.
  8. the shit gives me fuckin spidey senses mannnnn
  9. idk what to say to this im way too high but when i smoke those nice indicas i feel pain but its like im way too busy to realize that it hurts? idk too stonned.
  10. not all marijuana kills pain. there are some strains out there specifically designed to reduce pain as there are others that are made to help with eating, or depression etc.
  11. Because pot is vasodilator, any injury where there is compression of tissue, like a break or sprain, is going to hurt worse because the blood flow to that area increases,causing, potentially, throbbing and more pain.:(
  12. Dude I never feel mosquito bites, high or sober. I don't know what you were smoking that made you feel that way.
  13. It's all in your mind. I've learned either you can really relax with weed or over-analyze a lot of things & feelings. If you let yourself chill, pain is gone.
  14. It really depends on the person. If you're naturally chill like me then you will feel minimal pain that goes away shortly.
  15. This shit is to funny.... Haha
  16. I always smoke after I work out and it relieves my soreness 100%.

  17. nah dog, like normally i never feel it, but i felt it before i even knew it was there..its not like i just imagined a mosquito biting me and there happened to be a mosquito
  18. You just don't focus on it. It doesn't ease the pain it just makes you think about other shit more and pain is a certain percent mental..
  19. Why are you wondering so much!?! just hit the fucking blunt man :smoking:

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