wondering for hydroponics system

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by xmelanko, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. i was wondering for hydroponic system is there like a tutorial on making your own with pictures and the supplies needed to build it? cause i want to start on a new grow from hydroponics only and yeah
  2. do a search on the forums .. there are tons of threads that give pictures and materials and what not.. so many resources you just gotta look..
  3. yup i been loooking for the past 2 days, all i find is threads about how hydroponic works, which is better aeroponic or hydroponic, and etc but nothing on how to build a hydroponic system or what supplies... sigh
  4. Try not only looking on the forums but also googling "DIY hydroponics". Asking somone to type up a compleat build for a hydro system when there are 100s out there is kind of unessary. It takes alot to type up that much.
  5. get a netpot online.
    get a 5gal bucket, cut a hole in the top.
    put the netpot in the hole, rockwool/seed in middle, fill with rockwool.
    get airpump, airstone in bucket. fill with water, nutes, pH down.
  6. thre's your "HOW TO". It really is almost that simple.
  7. seed in rockwool, in netpot. "fill with hydroton"

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