wondering about anti-depressant light

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by spikeypunk, May 31, 2006.

  1. when my sister used to live here a long time ago, she was prescribed a "light-box," which was supposed to have the closest thing to natural sunlight possible, and was used to help deal with seasonal depression (we live in the pacific northwest). the thing cost damn near $300, and for a little 2x1.5 foot box could fill a dark room with incredible light. i'm just starting growing, and i'm wondering if i should try this thing out for marijuana. i figure if it can cure a sad sis out of depression, it could probably help grow pot pretty well. i could set it up easily, and it doesn't get very hot at all. i'll probably try it anyways, but i just wanted some input from more experienced growers anyways. thanks.
  2. Tyr to get as much info as you can off the light. Name brand, watts, lumens, ect. I did a little research and found a company ythat produces a light name sun touch plus. It goes for about $250. I found out that this light has 10,000 lux/lumens. If im not mistaken thats roughly 100-150 watts. If thats the case than you should be able to grow. Like I said get some more info and we will figure it out.
  3. The keys are lumens, frequency of the light (light color or temperature), and heat output. You want high lumens and low heat output. If it's designed to simulate daylight then the frequency should be on target.

    Watts are irrelevant other than in calculating the power bill. We talk about watts as a crude indicator of lumens because watts is visibly published and lumens often isn't, but the two are not the same and cannot be equated.

    Find out the above information and, if possible, what kind of bulb technology (fluoro, MH, HPS, other).
  4. Im just saying that his lights lumen output would be in the range of a 100w growlight.
  5. Yes, I know you know your sh*t C-Man, just wanted to make the point for all readers. Didn't mean to come off as lecturing you.

    Mea culpa.
  6. I didnt take it that way at all. Like you I was just trying to clear things up. Its no ones culpa. Just trying to be helpful.
  7. yes, but what about your sister? How can she fight with depression when you are using her light to grow your crop?
  8. His plants will help with her depression once they are finished :)
  9. I am assuming she doesnt use it anymore.
  10. Yes, it sounds like a leave-behind.

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