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wonderful world of music on bud

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stinkbomer90, May 23, 2010.

  1. anyone here ever listen to real old music like ragtime, jazz, and classical while enlightened? Personally I enjoy that music way more than your typical stoner music, and it reminds me of fallout 3:)
  2. 1 - Fallout 3 is the shit.
    2 - I love classical music high! Mozart, Beethoven, they're all amazing while high, even if you're not. The notes just fall together and I don't think I appreciated them fully until I actually did start smoking.
    Wonderful thing :D
  3. Wagner and Chopin are probably my two favorite composers to blaze to.

    If you're looking for some jazzy/ragtime stuff, check out "Oh! The Grandeur" by Andrew Bird and Bowl of Fire...great to just chill to:smoking:
  4. i listen to my CD collection whilst high... I don't know if you could call it stoner music, it's a rather odd collection, but I love just :bongin: and getting lost in songs for a good minute
  5. Dude jazz is the shit high and sober for that matter. I've been checking out some Kurt Rosenwinkel while lifted and his sense of melody and compositions make my mind spin. That's some newer shit, but I always love puttin' on some old school be bop like Dexter Gordon for old times sake.

  6. i have spent hundreds of hours playing fallout 3. ive gotten every quest done every way. and that radio was always blasting. i fucking love the music from fallout 3. i wish i was born in the 30s so i could experience that in the 40s and 50s lol

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