Wonderful World Of Cannabis

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    It's a Wonderful World of Cannabis or at least it can be
    Marijuana as most of you know is an amazing crop. Hemp has the ability to sustain industry while marijuana has the ability to cure hundreds of conditions and diseases. A world of cannabis would be an amazing place if it was properly implemented. Let's envision a wonderful world of cannabis in order to establish a common goal for us all to follow;
    Weed instead of Trees
    Imagine a world where our forests are allowed to grow to a majestic planet sustaining size unhindered by the timber industry. There will be dedicated forests for our timber needs however most of our needs will be supplied by hemp. Hemp has much quicker crop out cycles, uses less to process and is much more ecological. We also use less space to produce more products per square acre so in essence we are also utilizing space to the max. More forests equal purer air, colder climates and well just a more beautiful earth. We are depleting our natural resources like a virus and soon we will find ourselves at a critical point and Hemp is the only solution to this problem.
    HomeGrown Medicine
    Imagine a place where people can grow their own medicine in their yard or in hydroponic set ups. Imagine that you would be able to make essential hemp oilvaporizecookblend cannabiswithout having to fear criminal prosecution. People would be able to treat their condition based on their own criteria and not what a political ideology dictates.
    Ecology and Industry
    Hemp can produce more than 25,000 unique products all of them 100% green and biodegradable. We would slowly learn to purchase things that last. Our consumption trends will become more ecology conscious; we will become people with the ability to choose a better superior product that will not break after six months. Our clothes will last years, our houses will stand for decades and earth will be a better place for it.
    End world hunger
    Hemp is a valuable food source with some of the highest levels of protein found in nature. It can be grown anywhere with minimal experience and processed in any country. We could let countries that are suffering famine grow this life saving crop and take their own salvation into their own hands. No more billionaire charities popping hungry African children on your television screens but rather a unified independent nation of people taking their problem and solving if withmarijuana and hemp. They could rebuild their livelihood one hemp brick at a time.
    A world of cannabis means much more than what I have written down here it means that people won't go to jail for a plant, it means that people will be able to expand research in the medical field, create jobs and much more. What do you think will happen once weed is legal once more? What does your Wonderful World of Cannabis look like?


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