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  1. im bored so i thought i might ask about the cities musical tastes. so here i go...

    what is everyones (although im likely gonna get minimal replies) favourite band and what genre are they

    fave band : Propagandhi - Pollitical Punk
    fave stoner music - Moby - peaceful and nice (i could think of better but i dont know that many folks)

    i woulda done some sort of poll but there are tooo many genres to include

  2. i don't have a favorite band, but i like blues and jam bands alot
  3. ah propagandhi- I used to have the lyrics to The Only Good Facist is a very dead facist as my sig. Favorite bands though are:
    Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age, The Doors, Consumed, The Clash
  4. hehe yeah that is a cool song, but most of their lyrics are very good.
    last year my mates (not including me sadly) went to see consumed supporting the mighty mighty bosstones in glasgow and the bosstones guy stagedived right on top of one of my mates and he got a photo of it :)
  5. radiohead, the beatles, de la soul, aesop rock, del the funky homosapian, I could go on for a while
  6. The Dillinger Escape Plan - chaotic math core

    The Mars Volta - space rock

    AFI - punk(?)

    Converge - metalcore

    Sigur Ros - ambient, inspirational

    That is what i have been listening to the most lately
  7. fav band : Smashing Pumpkins (genre: orig. alternative)

    but lately I've been listening to :
    System of a Down

    these are the four bands I've been finding myself listening to non stop the past week

    but I listen to so many different kinds of music, I can't even remember them all
  8. i like nearly every genre, but propagandhi are the greatest esp. if you are very pollitically minded. the greatest song name ever is.. homophobes are just pissed cause they cant get laid :D makes me laugh every time cos its true !!! (or they are dumb)
  9. jam bands for me pretty much all jam bnads.
  10. when i was a punk rocker (before the tokin up became a ritual) i like "nation states" by propaghandi, but i was more into hardcore streetpunk and stuff like: The unseen, pinkerton thugs, dropkick murphys (still a fan) and sick of it all

    now my absolute favorite bands are:

    Sublime - Reggae, ska, dub, rock / awesome

    Long beach dub allstars - Reggae, rock, dub / members of sublime with no bradley :( but some extra members and they kick ass

    Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - too many to name, but a few are ska, rock, reggae, jazz, funk, picture dave matthews band with more rock mixed in. dmb on shrooms

    Bob Marley & The Wailers - Reggae. bob is amazing
  11. I like all kinds of tunes, lately Ive been listening to a lot of "The Hives" and "At The Drive-In"
    not a fan but have you heard dave mathews and barenakedladies doing a cover of "Gin and Juice"? it's funny as hell
  12. I had that cover but it was labled as 'dave mathews and phish' which didn't seem right because I'd never heard of them playing together, I looked it up and it turned out the cover was by a band called 'the gourds'. as to why someone would go out of their way to change it I don't know
  13. music i love so i probly will most like it, :p
  14. i love all kinds of music whice is why my fav band is.........

    Sublime - Raggae, blues, punk, rock, ska, and hip hop.

    other favs

    bad religion

    ive been listenin to alot of del the funky homosapien and deltron 3030 lately. my fav hip hop emcee

  15. I also saw it labeled as DMB and Blues Traveler, who knows who it is, it sounds cool though.
  16. Dream Theater
    Iron Maiden
  17. lol actually its just phish..... dmb does a great cover of all along the watchtower
  18. I like a lot of different stuff. If it's made with style and meaning or if it's achieving something new I most of the times like it. Mostly the music I like is from the marginal, being it BlackDeath/grind/HC or Techno or trip-hop or Rock etc. if it's doen differently and with an "twist" I like it.

    Fave bands/albums at the moment:

    Aborym - Fire walk with us! (alien-black-industrial. Amazing stuff no one has doen this before and I doubt no one will do it afterwards, most people will obiviously class it as black metal but there's so much more in there. There's even Theta wawes trough out the records!)

    Venetian Snares - dolls, dolls, dolls (Very weird and violent version of Break beat, some call it Nu-break but that doesn't tell a lot, it's drum betas with almost no audible tempo, screams, Jazz, cellos, violence and I haven't heard anything like it before)

    Ulver - Lykantroppen themes (it's a sountrack to a film with the same name, the songs are very dreamy and are tied together, this is a record I'd put in a movie if I'd ever make one)

    well there's some
  19. All time favorite band - Nirvana (Grunge or somethin like that)

    All time favorite song's - heart shaped box, Sliver, Where did you sleep last night.

    other favorites-
    Sublime, bob marley, the vomiting whores.

  20. interesting...Nirvana isn't hippie music, but that's cool w/ me.

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