wonderful little pill crusher!

Discussion in 'General' started by Ars moriendi, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. http://www.safetycentral.com/delpilcrusco.html

    I picked one of these up ages ago

    I've come to find when used with waxpaper (heavy duty foil is ok no thin) it's a keif press

    stash box

    pill cutter
    pill crusher

    and it works greats for crushing and insufflating tablets fast and clean

    just add a screen to your snorter at the bottom as you would a bowl and snort away once it all drops back in the crusher you crush again and again snorting till you get it all in powder form

    next result is you waste nothing as it slowly absorbed in good fine bursts from the crush and screen

    4 tablets of x insufflated so far..I'm in bliss
  2. thanks dude, thats pretty cool stuff.

    haha i bet your in bliss with four rolls. nice man, have fun.
  3. I'm pretty fantastic lol but I have a feeling the dose was a bit low

    150mg tablet adjusting for the binder stuff probably a mid low dose in each

    but it's pure...no speedy effect very nice

    crossing my fingers on 2 other tablets see if I can get 50/50 of each tomorrow and test those suckers out
  4. I just use a credit card..put the pill down there.. put your palm on top.. crush..
  5. yes...but thats a nifty device and we all know "he who dies with the most toys, wins"
  6. he who spends 7.87 on a pill crusher could have crushed it for free and bought food
  7. I used to use my metal kief grinder and a folded up bit of paper (w/ tablet in it)

    sucked this basically pummels it slowly as you remove the excess super fine powder via nose

    I ended up with lots of pure mdma crysals the last few snorts... I'm soaring lol
  8. damn...burnt by the hoast roast.
  9. even know I hate you ars that device is very nice

    Id buy it but being caught with stuff like that over a weed grinder is alot worse, so ill stick with using the bottom of my metal spacecase grinder, credit card and $100 bill.
  10. Send it to your dome Ars.. I'll be getting some rolls this weekend. 15 Blue Dolphins baby!
  11. lol ive done E like 150 times

    its the only drug I regret cause the depression it gave me

    somas/percs/roxies all the way now :)
  12. ^ lol I don't hate you :p

    you wouldn't be in any shit for the crusher tho...lol they sell 'em at places like walmart for people who have trouble swallowing large pills

    totally legit you could have vitamin c powder all over it even after you've just crushed up pure coke or x or whatever and snorted yer butt off lol

    if you take the right combo of vitamins and precursors haze you get no crash

    Mel, have you seen the tablets? how much ya paying?
  13. ^ I'm paying 110. Yes, I've seen them. It's from the same guy I get most all my other drugs. Double stacked. He sometimes gets the 100%, other times it heroin based. It comes and goes.

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