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  1. Here's the deal... I asked this girl out at the beginning of the week and she said yes. I had it all planned : dinner at a friends restaurant, drinks and perhaps a trip to the comedy store.... but then she sends me an email and cancels the whole thing. She say's that she's got too much course work to complete before the holidays and she doesn't have enough time for socialising.

    Now, I happen to be on the same course as her and I know for certain that I'm not inundated with work (I do have three essays to complete but they're only in the region of 2000 words each and all the reference material is easily found. Not to mention the fact that I get extremely lazy after a smoke.)

    So, am I being given the old heave ho?

    Let's have some female response on this one please....

    PS> I consider myself to be pretty good looking and have had no problem with women in the past and I had made it pretty clear she wouldn't have to put her hand in her purse for anything.
  2. did you think it may not be as easy for her and did you ask if you could help her or work to gather! i think some woman like to see a man wait and a real man that can wait is more in control of himself and dosent worry about a woman that reacts this way!give her a chance and dont put her on the spot! maybe she was truthfull with you! only she knows? respect her space and wait if she likes you shell let you know! good luck tazz11
  3. i am not a gal to bad!
  4. I know you want replies from girls but really there's no way to tell if she isn't interested yet. Especially with her excuse at this time of the year. Both of my good friends' dates dumped them at the last minute for their fraternity formal this weekend (and it's in VEGAS, for FREE).

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