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  1. You fuss and raise hell all weekend long that no one helps you with the housework, laundry, cooking, etc. And then last night when I start cleaning up the house, picking up stuff, dusting, and sorting laundry (all on my own without being asked to do it) I get attacked again. The attack? she says "I guess I don't do a good enogh job for you" etc. she thinks because I help that her housework doesn't meet my expectations or satisfaction. ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! I can't win, I give up. I get fussed at for not helping, then I get fussed at for helping. I have no clue what goes on in a woman's head.

  2. ~*smiles at the very smart man
    ok so I am the wife this month. I don't work, but I bring in more than my shaer of income(don't ask me how you would hate me).
    So I deffenitly know what you are talking about.

    Lets go at it this way
    when we both worked, my wife wanted me to help every week. We would split it up and through the week I had to do this and that room while she does that and the other and so forth. Well the weekend came and we had to do a clean on the rooms that we did. Well needless to say me wife is over the top with this one.
    then when she stoped working for a while. she said that I didn't have to do house work, that she was happy to do it because she did a better job. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. that didn't last through the week. I was bieng yelled at that weekend to help since I was such a slob and so forth. BLAH BLAH I don't help enough and so forth.
    Well fast forward a few years and I am at home and she works all the time. But hevens forbid I ask her to do any thing. I am not doing my part, and does what I think is cleaning up really an excuse for asking her to do any thing.
    So once again I tow the line and dip into funds and get a maid to come 2 a month. Not that it seamed to work. I still hear that I don't do enough, or that I don't do the laundry and when I do it is done wrong.

    So I learned a long time ago that it isn't you dude, unless you are a total shit. But it has to more with their mother and father. go look at their house, what does it look like? My parents in-law live in a FUCKING MUEASAM( spelt wrong)
    I could never compeat with that. I also cannot live like that. So I listin to it and try to deal.
  4. Being a woman, well, I have to say I have been the guilty party yelling at my significant other for NOT cleaning.. I'd be overJOYED if he would actually take the trash down ONCE, or do the dishes ONCE, or clean the house EVER, and when he DOES boy, I love it even though it is rare! :) :)

    We both work, but we both know I have a very high stress job while he surfs the internet all day at work, so my frustration roots from this "injustice" that he refuses to help me do simple household chores when he knows how hard I work and how tired I am when I get home.

    BUT then his DAD came over in August, and SHH don't tell him... But now I understand.. His dad just left things out and would make messes, expecting me to clean them up for him. He'd even spill milk on the countertop or sugar on the table and it'd just sit there, even if I wasn't home. That's when I realized it's GENETIC, man, and my fate is to be the person who picks up after the love of my life. Such is life, but I still bitch about it enough to keep from feeling like a doormat :)

    I would have to agree ~ sit her down, get her high, and watch her laugh in toker's delight as you try to vacuum her toes up (or the cat, who doesn't appreciate that much btw).
  5. speaking of cats i got a new one.. woo for me!

    anyways, i'll throw in my knowledge on this topic... (even though i don't have much room to talk since i haven't participated in that whole marriage thing;D)

    women will be women and when all is said and done it will normally work out for the best if you really love her. bottom-line arugements are pointless so just take it and let her bitch then get her high and then the problem will be solved....... most of the time.

    damn, dr love has left the building.
  6. OP let me just say that your man card has been revoked
  7. i've seen some old topics bumped in my life. but never one from 2001. 
  8. oh shit i just realized everyone in this topic is probably dead by now
  10. haha 13 year bump, thats definitely a first as well....how did you even end up on this thread in the first place i wonders lol.
  11. Yup 13 years later and women are still crazy
  12. Wonder what the oldest thread is on grasscity

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    the hunt begins.
    Ps. Can't find any threads sooner than 2001 so I assume that's when the forums were made.

    It's all just one big conspiracy
  14. LOL

    Rainbow family :)
  15. Do this raise your hand and say " Lord please help me that hand will be strong as i slap this woman"

    Rap Game Donut Sprinkles
  16. So OP, if you are still alive after all these years... hows the wife problem going? :bongin:
  17. woman, you mean. come on ;p

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