women piss me off sometimes

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  1. there is this girl that I am into and she seemed to be into me but all of a sudden she doesn't answer my txts or talk to me when she sees me. I invite her to mad parties and still nothing. I can't see what I am doing wrong. She is always busy with something. Any advice on how I should go about this situation cuz I am confused. And I hate when you know a girl has her phone and sees your txts but doesn't reply.
  2. i gotta buddy in your situation, but with every chick he's ever met.
    be honest with yourself, do you think you have a chance?
    and did you wait too long and she got frustrated and gave up ... or did you try to hard and freak her out? just step back and look at the whole situation. or ... try calling instead of txting. idk just a thought.

  3. You waited to long, and someone came and scooped that up!
  4. Right on the money. She's probably with some new dude or she don't like you anymore.
  5. it's not a new dude. apparantly she needs time cuz she just broke up with her ex a few weeks ago. hopefully she won't need a shitload of time.
  6. HAHAHAHAHAH exactly what i was thinking . You slept
  7. Give up and move on NOW. Don't talk to her, don't text her, break all contact. Seriously I have been in this situation too many times and there is absolutely nothing you can do. I spent nearly 2 months one time with a chick who would do this to me. Only difference is we talked the entire time and hung out every once in awhile.

    She's probably still into her ex, even if she broke up with him. If she was into you she wouldn't have any problem starting something with you.

    Also there is no excuse for a girl to not text/call you back. If she's blatantly doing it then she doesn't respect you and doesn't deserve your time. And if she doesn't respect you now then she will never respect you as a love interest.

  8. + rep
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    hahahah i have nothing but sisters and the truth is that she was using you for something before or felt pity for you.im sorry but girls CAN be that cold hearted for be such "sensitive" creatures.thats was i smoke,i can't handle that two face bullshit..it's everywhere.:bongin:

  10. Sorry to burst your bubble bra, but when i break up with my Ex, were still banging for a couple weeks.
  11. You might be trying to hard, could possibly be coming across as needy or clingy. Don't keep texting her and trying to hard, if she texts you wait 30 minutes and then you should reply. Hell wait longer, get high forget she texted you and text her the next morning. Don't apologize for it either, who cares.

    Ignore her for a few days is another idea, yea it might be hard for you but pretend you are out banging other girls. You are the prize not her, don't let her decide when you get to talk to her.

    She could possibly have found another guy, depends what kind of situation you were in before now.

    Fuck buddies, serious talking, just friends, etc.
  12. maybe she likes you so much
  13. Nah I feel you homie. That shit would piss me off too.

    Idk if she ain't hittin' you back, maybe she's talking to another cat and it got a little more serious. Idk though.
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    my girl just left me for her sisters ex-husband... we're both nineteen end that ***** is like 33 and has kids.

    I hate women who play mindgames..... I knew this would eventually happen but the sex has been great for six months.... so she gets what she wants in the end. all that matters right lol


  15. I really have nothing to be used for right now. I just moved to florida and don't have a car yet. So she would drive me around and stuff like that. And btw whats with all the dickhead remarks. You guys just love to try and make it seem like she is fuckin someone else. Which I guarantee she isn't.
  16. Chilled wit her today and I was on my game. So I think that might have helped.

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