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Discussion in 'General' started by Blaze_It_Up420, May 28, 2006.

  1. Well Im posting this because I'm at a bit of a crossroads and I really dont want to make the wrong decision, so I come here for advice. I've known my girlfriend for 2 months now and have been going out for the past month(1 month tomorow). I almost never get to see her due to the fact that she is constantly grounded for her crappy grades in school.

    Last night I went to my friend's(ex girlfriend from2 years ago) house and drank some vodka with her and ended up fucking her. In regards to that kinda stuff I havnt done that much with my girlfriend. Now I feel like im starting to loose my feelings for my girlfriend and Im also looking forward to the next time I can have sex with that friend.

    I dont know If I should a) tell my girlfriend and break up with her, b) dont tell her c) break up with her and dont tell her?
  2. i would break up with her, and tell her, its just not the same anymore, id love to stay friends, and hang out and all, i just dont have the same feelings ya know?

    i mean lol, feelings are somen our chemistry makes up, nothign you can help man, do whats best for YOU, dont stick with someone who wont make you happy. but in the process i wouldnt want to hurt her, ya know? i mean, thats just my take on it and what i would do.

    Good luck man, Love is such a sticky situation sometimes.
  3. Thanks for the advice man. So you wouldnt mention the fact that I cheated on her and just tell her I dont have feelings for her anymore? Right now Im considering breaking up with her and telling her that I cheated on her.
  4. to be totttalllly honest man.

    I really really disapprove of cheating. its a horrible thing, BUT its only been 1 month, its not like, horrrrriblly wrong like a 30 year marriage and a 10 year affair ya kno.

    I dont condone with you did, but ive done it, we all make mistakes, and alchy can do it to anyone haha. But i wouldnt tell her just because, it doesnt seem like toooo serious of a relationshop, and there is no point it putting more hurt to the poor girls heart. lol idk how to put it.
  5. yeah your right man, I think im gonna tell her, thanks for the advice.

    now I gotta decide, on the phone or in person
  6. if you dont have feelings for her then let her go. its not fair to you or her.
  7. But theres a good possibility the next time I see her the feelings will come rushing back since I havnt seen her in a while. Yeah the more I think about this the more I wanna end it.
  8. In person without a doubt. On the phone, imo, just seems like a way of getting out of it without actually having to see her. In person shows her you have respect for her and whatnot.
  9. yea, i agree with senior, in person is more of the "manly" approach, shows her your being real, and that there isnt some other broad on the other line of the phone making you call her or somen(ive done this making girls break up with guys for me) lol, So good luck bro, just make sure she dont come aswinging. lol
  10. Most of the time I'm there(cant leave house since shes grounded) her parents are always around. I dont feel like having her crying etc with her parents right around. or I could wait a few days untill theres an opportunity when there not home actually.
  11. break up with her and dont tell her. trust me im a girl and it hurts alot less to be broken up with than to be broken up with and cheated on....
  12. Ah conflicting advice now :eek:, you dont think she deserves to know the truth?
  13. hey WTF thats what i said! lol.

    Fucking girls. lmao
  14. haha i know dude, im takin your advice
  15. if you want to remain friends dont tell her that you cheated on her.
  16. fuckkkk this is a hard decision
  17. well im just saying from experience....i would have rather been broken up with than broken up and cheated on so its up to you...
  18. this is a sad situation... it reminds me of how stupid I can be sometimes... I think you should not tell her that you cheated (I used to believe in honesty but now i'm not sure anymore... I have been in a situation that reminds me of this one... I had cheated on my boyfriend and he left me. If I wouldnt have told him he would have left me anyway but at least he wouldnt be angry at my friend)

    complicated lives :(
  19. make sure if you tell her in person, she doesnt think you are going out on a date that night or anything. would be a big let down to see your boyfriend you havent seen in a while, and get all ready to go out, only to have him dump you soon as you get together.

    as impersonal and uncaring as it is, at the same time, a phone call might be just right. keeps her from getting her hopes up.
  20. oooh man...oh man am i in over my head...

    She calls me and asks me if I had been loosing interest in her, I was honest and said a little bit yeah. She starts crying(for the first time in 4 years apparently) . I feel like shit and realize there is no way in hell I can break up with her AND tell her that I cheated on her. I couldnt break this girls heart right on the phone after she tells me since her father left her when she was 3 she has always thought she wasnt good enough for men. I just told her we were still together.

    Dear god...

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