"WOMEN" HAve you Ever Cried after Sex?????

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  1. So me and my gal got a tellie and had relations for about 5 hours str8 with cigarette breaks in between.

    I made her cum multiple times and when she wanted to quit i wasnt having it and told to hang in there, she came then I did and we lay there for some minutes and she tells me she started to CRY?

    she didnt know if it was from like pain or relieve or somthing

    "Have any of you ever had experience with this"??

    Is is a good or bad thing??

    also have you ever bleeded out you pussy after sex like it kick started your period.

    also I got her to return the favor of oral pleasure for the 1st time,

    "Her brain excellent, MY brain Scrambling"
  2. Yup.

    It's not uncommon I guess.
  3. What dose it mean though??????
  4. idk highlighted part sounds like you forced her am inot reading it right?
  5. nope- not cried. Tired maybe?

  6. Yah I'd be crying too dude over the highlighted part. Could be the way you worded it but that alone would not surprise me.

    How often do you two have sex? It's possible that it kick started her period, but that would only make sense if it close to starting in general.
    If her period wasn't supposed to start anytime soon, did you use any lube? I know after long sessions my body stops producing the juice so I always need lube to avoid horrible rubbing sensation.
  7. That's a hard one ... I'm speechless .. Idk lol
  8. She did, after I made her. :devious:
  9. You're obviously doing something wrong if you can say "she wanted to quit but I'm not having that".

  10. I see what you did there sir; jet life lames catch feelings we catch flights
  11. Maybee its because you raped her
  12. No, I just usually laugh afterwards.
  13. Never cried during sex...not too sure I want to.


  14. ;)


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  15. fritz how does it feel to rape a woman? rapey?
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    [quote name='"Laith"']You're obviously doing something wrong if you can say "she wanted to quit but I'm not having that".[/quote]

    Ummm maybe her vagina was beaten and she didn't want to abuse it anymore.

    And I think you are all taking this too literal. She was probably getting worn out and said, "I'm getting tired" and he said "Just a little longer".

    I've cried after sex, it just from everything being so intense and not sure how to feel. It's a good thing and sometimes you can't help it, it's an involuntary reaction. It actually isn't emotional at all.

    And she was probably due to get her period but it didn't come until after it mixed with her juices and she went to the bathroom. I mean if it's just starting its still rather light so you jamming your dick in there would put her flow off until the ramming was done.
  17. It's a release of hormones that makes you cry.
  18. All I know is, if a girl says "Okay enough, I am done" - I can respect her enough to you know.. not keep going. :smoke: I guess that is just something that is abnormal.
  19. Actually weird.. I did. And not this last time we had sex, but the time before.. We arnt together... And I didn't put my emotions on the side. When we were doing doggy I cried. He didn't see. I don't care if he know's.. But it would have killed the sex if he saw at that time.. lol. I was just so upset with thinking about "us". And how I'm still giving him all of me. My heart my body, my soul. But theres no us. Just made me sad. This last time we had sex it was just fucking. Pure Do you like my pussy come and screw me sex. No Stairing into eyes, or looking at his muscle arms. It was just do this and dont think about this love crap right now. It was relieving.
  20. my friend once had crazy bleeding after sex with her ex. she went to the doctor and she told her it was just because she had REALLY great sex

    is that a stud i see?

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