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  1. Not necessarily just women hating, everybody has been recently.

    Why do some women hate on guys that get around? I mean, many of the players I've met weren't mean, they just like sex or being with lots of women.

    So when a woman hooks up with a guy that is known to get around, why does she act so hostile when they break up a short time later? She's always hating on the guy, but, shouldn't they take responsibility as well? She did hook up with a guy that was with someone else two days before, or was known to get around, etc.

    Is it selfishness? Is she just sad, so she expresses her dismay in the form of anger?

    Also, why can women move between guys equally as fast, but nobody talks them bad for their extra love? I mean, some people call them sluts or whores, but if they're a nice person most people don't care.
    With guys, I've seen lots of very nice people have their reputation destroyed by one upset jealous girl, who a week or two after their break up, gets together with someone else. I mean, what the fuck?

    Why do men and women in general have to hate? Why can't people just move on?

    Do you guys think it's emotions? I'm guilty of hating after a break up, but thinking back on it several years later it was ridiculous of me. It's much easier to say these things from an outside perspective than to live by them in the heat of the moment.

    And what the hell happened to tolerance? All I every hear now from people in recent relationships is "hurt my feelings, couldn't forgive him, etc."
    What about what you did to him, what you did to her? Forgiveness?

    I'd like to hear anyone else's thoughts on the matter.

    And hey, these are some pessimistic points of view, don't take it the wrong way though. I have respect for women and both sexes, I'm just reporting some stuff I've noticed.

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