Women: Ever use Aunt Flow as an exuse to not have sex.

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  1. So the last girl I was serious with, the first time I went home with her (which happened to be the night I first met her) she didn't want to have sex because she was on her period. I actually hung out with her the very next night and convinced her that everything was ok and that time of the month shouldn't stop us from having fun.

    Anyways fast forward - there's a different girl in my life. I took her out to dinner, we go back to my place, start to fool around - and she tells me she can't do anything "naughty" because she's on her period.

    I'm a very trusting person - but this seems like more than just a coincidence. Does any woman on GC use this excuse? I know this girl likes me - but I'm thinking she just wants to take it slow (which is fine with me) so the "that time of the month" excuse was bogus.

    What do you think?
  2. In my opinion girls do it from time to time when they don't necessarily want to just hop in bed with a guy but also are probably too interested in you to just say "I don't want to have sex tonight".

    I wouldn't take it personally or anything. She could actually be on her period but if she's not at least, if you're looking for some kind of relationship, then you know she probably doesn't just give it up all the time to random dudes.
  3. i am sure they use that as an excuse sometimes. ask her to do it in the shower hehe. dont call her bluff though, dont wanna accuse her of that and have her pull out an anthrax tampax and slap you till u cant stand. hehe
  4. Also, if you guys still wanna fool around you could just massage her over some comfy shorts she, or you, has. Over the weekend my gf was still at that time of the month and we got drunk. Couldnt do anything but I had her going nuts doing just that.

    Just make sure they know you want to please them because you want THEM to be happy, not just to get something in return.
  5. I never have sex when Aunt Flo is around. I tried, and It's painful for me. I don't know if this is the case with all women, but it is for me. It's not an excuse not to have sex, I like sex, but aunt flo makes it unpleasurable and messy.
    BUUUUUUUUUT, that doesnt mean my guy and I still can't play around.... :p
    there's lots of other things to do besides sex ;)
  6. I never use that excuse unless I am trying to "get out of having sex" in bed and move it to the tub or the shower! :)

    I will say that I have used that excuse in the past if I am not feeling that person, or it is too soon. Men come on very strong these days because casual sex is so accepted now. Some women still have standards, and just because they like to have sex, doesn't mean they like to have it right away.

    Anyway---I am so happy I don't have to worry about that now! I love being in a committed relationship.:D
  7. Eh I wouldn't say I'm on my period if I'm not really on it. I'd hate for the guy to find out I'm lying. But even if Aunt Flow's in town, that probably wouldn't stop me as long as the guy doesn't mind...

    It's probably just a coincidence. Girls ARE on their period for 1 out of 4 weeks per month. That's about a 1 in 4 chance of trying to hook up with someone on their period, no?
  8. I'd rather not have a 'red dot' on my sheets the next morning.
  9. Then put a towel under her or hop in the shower, mi amigo.
  10. True, true.

    But for me, personally, I think sex during the woman's menstrual cycle is a bit gross. Last time it happened, my dick was covered in blood. =/ I'm not adverse to bodily functions or fluids, but I bet most guys will agree with me that it's not a good sight.
  11. Also a good point. Can't blame ya for not wanting blood on your weiner...
  12. Haha, the first time that happened I was pretty drunk and my first thought was "damn, I must have really given her a pounding..."
  13. Sheeeeeiiiiiiit, I'll def still hit it period or not. The 1st time I had sex with a girl on her period was a little weird, but ever since then it doesn't bother me at all as long as the girl isn't grossed out by it.
  14. I swear this has been used on me when i was younger! I feel betrayed.
  15. Hey man, could've been worse.

    She could've kept quiet while you ended up with a mouthful of blood.
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    I've never actually used that line.. but I have seriously thought about it.
  17. sometimes you gotta just suck it up and earn your red badge of courage.
  18. hmm, I've never used it as an excuse, never really had to. But in the future if I ever need to I'll keep this in mind. But I'm a pretty straight-forward person, so if I don't want sex I just say so, and if a guy doesn't like that then he knows where the door is. I doubt she was lying, like dirtybongwaterr said, girls are on their periods up to a week out of every month soo yeah, she was probably being honest. And if she was lying, well now you know she wants to take things a bit slower.
  19. i had sex with my girl while she was on her period once and i will never do it again. my dick, boxers, and whole cock region was covered in blood and it was fucking gross.
  20. Update: I was right. Not her time of the month - she just wanted to take it a little slower. No problem though, I found out she gives good head :)

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